For Thousands Of Years, At Least Four Alien Species From Andromeda Have Already been Ancient Astronauts

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer said that aliens not only exist but also live among humans. He claimed that four alien species have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. During his service in the military, Paul Hellyer, who held a high public role during the Cold War in the 1960s, claimed to have discovered for definite about the existence of aliens. According to him, extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for centuries.

The 90-year-old ex-minister backed up his claims by citing a 1961 incident in which Canada observed a group of 50 unexplained flying objects traveling from the Soviet Union to Europe. Then, all of a sudden, this bunch of items flew to the North Pole and vanished. The research into this episode lasted three years, according to Hellyer, and it unequivocally proved that extraterrestrial cultures flew to Earth to ensure that mankind did not utilize nuclear weapons.

According to Hellyer, aliens already exist on our planet: most aliens look and act like humans, making them nearly invisible in the human population. He originally said publicly in 2005 that he believes governments are concealing an alien presence, claiming that UFOs are as common in our skies as airplanes. “A lot of the media won’t touch it, so you just have to keep working on it until we reach a critical mass, and then they’ll say, Mr. President or Mr. Prime Minister, we want the truth now because it affects our lives,” she says.

He claimed that aliens from several star systems, including the Pleiades and Andromeda, have visited Earth. “There are extraterrestrials from Andromeda, as well as those who reside on one of Saturn’s moons. There is a federation of these people, and they have laws, one of which is that they do not interfere with our matters until we invite them.”

A former Canadian Secretary of Defense stated that aliens are not aggressive and possess a vast amount of information. Guests from other planets, on the other hand, do not want to share their knowledge with mankind yet, according to him, since they are scared that earthlings may use it for wars rather than for good.

“Visitors from other worlds warned us about the path we were heading decades ago and offered to help,” he claimed. Instead, some of us mistook their visits for a threat and opted to fire first, then ask questions.

Ironically, the US is fighting horrendously costly wars in other countries, ostensibly to bring democracy to those nations, when it can no longer call itself to be a democratic country because trillions, if not thousands, of dollars, have been spent on secret projects that both Congress and the Commander-in-Chief have been kept in the dark about.”

Alex Collier, a well-known extraterrestrial contactee, stated that he had been in contact with aliens from the constellation Andromeda for over 30 years. Multiple visits to alien spaceships and decades of telepathic communication were part of their encounter.

Collier claimed Earth as being under the dominion of “regressive” extraterrestrial aliens in several interviews. Those aliens arrived on Earth from the Alpha Draconis star system. According to him, humanity is divided by two philosophical belief systems. One conveys love and freedom of choice, while the other demonstrates control and resource use. (To read the entire story, click here.)

Collier said in his final lecture before retiring from the UFO lecture circuit in 2002 that the ancient extraterrestrial race known as the “Founders” is responsible for creating the environment of planets and making them conducive for life. This ancient alien race was known as the “Paa Tal” by the Andromedans and Pleiadians.

Grey aliens, also known as Zeta Reticulans, were not truly aliens, according to retired US army officer Philip J. Corso, but bio-robots developed to work on other planets. He said that no one had ever seen real aliens and that all eyewitnesses or abductees had merely seen big-headed, black-eyed “bio-robots.”

On June 19, Hellyer collapsed and hit his head, causing him to lose his ability to walk and briefly lose his capacity to communicate. He spent almost a month recovering at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto before coming home. On August 8, 2021, he died there.

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