UFO Enthusiast Claims That NASA’s Curiosity Rover Has Discovered An Alien Soldier On Mars

The following image taken by the Curiosity Rover of what appears to be a very unusual visitor or stalker trailing the rover around on Mars is one of the last discoveries ever made on Mars.

According to the common consensus, this is either a Martian soldier, a statue of one of the Martian warriors, or a random rock formation.

Most analysts believe that it seems to be wearing some form of spacesuit; thus, one of the first two possibilities is most likely. Some speculate that this is all that remains of an alien soldier fossilized by the planet’s harsh environment.


This is entirely possible, as extended exposure to the planet’s hostile atmosphere if we were to spend years there unprotected may result in some form of petrification.

Paranormal Crucible shared this image on their YouTube channel, where they also discussed the discovery in greater detail.


It seems to be a Grey alien or an insect extraterrestrial of some kind, but we can’t be sure. It appears to be wearing a spacesuit is the essential feature.

Zak Farley criticized the discovery, arguing that you could say the same thing about any rock formation on Earth. While Hybrid TV backed him up, Disclose TV brought up some interesting points during the argument.

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