Hollow Earth: Antarctica Could Be A Gateway To Another World Within The Earth

Scientific data may one day support the hollow earth hypothesis. It’s worth remembering that this was an equal notion for an extended period, with only seismic research leading to its rejection.

Perhaps the moment will soon come to put accepted scientific hypotheses to the test.

The structure of the planet could be objectively proven. The Russians dug the deepest well, which reached a depth of only 12 kilometers.

ItIt is only a smudge on the Earth’s surface. We don’t have the technology to penetrate the layers of our globe, and we’re not sure if such an operation is even doable.

Our theory of the Earth’s bowels is nothing more than a mathematical interpretation of the facts collected; it’s the same hypothesis as the theory of empty land.

According to some theories, penetration into the underworld, which is below the surface of our globe, possibly in Antarctica.

According to certain disputed beliefs, a civilization lives inside the Earth that is resistant to oxygen scarcity, high temperatures, and even the inner sun, which contemporary science refers to as the core, among other things.

This inner realm must be filled with water, as evidenced by the freshwater icebergs that calve from the ice caps and float in the seas.

Why is there so much freshwater? Water flowing from the Earth is the sole explanation for this phenomenon. What was the source of all of this?

The theories linking Antarctica to UFOs are also intriguing.

Strange unidentifiable objects flying over this continent are a common sighting.

According to proponents of the hypothesis of gateways to another realm, these machines depart and fly from Antarctica.

No one has been able to locate a location that serves as the gateway to this planet.

These beliefs are also linked to volcanoes, as many UFOs have been seen in their proximity.

Perhaps this mysterious underworld is not only accessible through Antarctica.

The search for proof that the notion of an empty Earth is true is still going on.

It would modify many scientific hypotheses and explain some of current science’s riddles if it could be verified.

However, if it turns out that there are creatures there, it may be best for us if we don’t find out about them.

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