Did the CIA astral project to Mars in 1984? (STARGATE project)


By any standard, successfully sending humans to Mars would be a staggering triumph, a world-historical feat for the world (or corporation) that manages to drag it down initially. However, ask the right people and you’d be surprised to learn that over 30 years ago, the US military did just that. (Stargate)

You will see proof of this in a freely accessible document in the public “Reading Room” section of the Central Intelligence Agency website. (Credit where appropriate: The friendly United Nations agency brought this treasure to my attention, saying they learned about it through the Mysterious Universe podcast.) 1984.” a brief instructional note indicates that the “subject” (Uri Geller) was given a sealed envelope “immediately prior to the interview”, however, he was told not to open it yet. throughout the interview itself, the subject only had verbal access to “selected geographic coordinates, provided by the parties requesting the data.” (Stargate)

Following this introduction, you’ll notice a seemingly unchanged transcript of the interview, dialogue that reads like a snippet from a lost play. he wouldn’t want to go through the full seven pages of dialogue to induce a form of strangeness in him. Here’s a sample layered from the start. (Stargate)

[Subject]: … I’m seeing, ah… It’s like a perception of a shadow of people, very tall… thin, it’s just a shadow. It’s as if they were there and they’re gone, they’re gone.

[Monitor]: Go back to a time period where they are there.

Sub: …Um… (mumbling) It’s like I have a lot of static on one line and everything, it’s breaking all the time, very fragmentary pieces.

Mon: Just report the data, don’t try to put things together, just report the raw data.

Sub: I just keep seeing really big people. They seem thin and tall, but they are very big. Ah…wearing some kind of strange clothing. (Stargate)

In what follows, the conversation skips quickly because the monitor directs the subject to investigate different coordinates, without providing different data. as the subject does, he describes many of the sights he sees, including a large “obelisk” that reminds him of the Washington Monument, “round-bottomed etched channels, like roadbeds,” and, most importantly, amazing, “pyramids… like shelters against storms.” In those structures, he finds the shadowy individuals he had seen before, hibernating. “They are an ancient people,”  he tells the monitor. “They are, ah… they are dying, their time or their age has passed.” They were on the brink of extinction due to some apocalyptic reasons. He reported seeing advanced infrastructure of intersecting roads, pyramids.

Inside one of the pyramids, he found members of civilization, with whom he was told to initiate contact. These beings were in a state of hibernation and awaiting the return of a search party they sent to find a habitable planet. When he asked them if they could perceive it, they said it seemed like a hallucination. Then the agent ended his session and told him to open the envelope. (Stargate)

The 3-by-5-inch card inside the sealed envelope, which, remember, was supposedly not seen until these visions had faded, provides some clue as to what the subject was witnessing. just like the date line of an LSD-drenched cartoon, it read,

Time of interest approximately
1 million years BC
This is, in other words, a supposedly real record of the plan of some real intelligence service to visit another world through the projection of the celestial body while examining its distant past. (Stargate)

The transcript appeared on the CIA website as part of a mammoth dump of documents associated with the US government’s experimentation with the paranormal, projects variously credited with helping to resolve the hostage crisis in Iran and are easily ridiculed for wasting taxpayers’ money. As I recently learned, this explicit document was a product of the Star Gate program (sometimes written as one word, sometimes as two), an initiative created primarily by Jon Ronson’s book Men Who Stare at Goats.

According to an explanatory document on the Star Gate, offered on the CIA website, the program wanted to cultivate “psychoenergetics,” which it defines as “A cognitive process by which a person perceives, communicates, and/or perturbs the characteristics of a chosen person. Target, Person or Event Remote in space and/or Time from that Individual.” (The unusual capitalization scheme is original to the document.) Specifically, Star Gate focused on “remote viewing,” which involves using only your mind to visualize things that aren’t immediately present. The paper proposes that “remote viewing” is “inherent in every human being to some degree” and “probably a vestigial form of self-preservation.” (Stargate)

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