Can humans levitate?

Is Levitation possible in humans?

Can humans levitate?

We are used to seeing in some movies, for example, The Exorcist, that the possessed person, in this case, makes a complete demonstration of his abilities, turning his head 360°, speaking in dead languages, even levitating, that strange phenomenon of be suspended in the air, but does levitation really exist?
In general terms, levitating is nothing more than making a body or object rise in the air without apparent external intervention. Since ancient times, this action has been reported in different cultures, especially in matters related to religion and mysticism.
A simple description of levitation can begin by saying that it is a phenomenon of psychokinesis, that is, the supposed ability of the human mind to lift objects without the direct intervention of physical force and make them float. It can be an action on something external or on the body itself, while it can be conscious or involuntary.
The information that is available does not have scientific rigor, since it comes from shamans or people who are in spiritual trances, in these cases a levitation of minutes or hours is reported. Throughout time, the documented stories about this event focus on people who practice Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, mainly.
Can humans levitate?

Depending on the beliefs, it has been considered the same as a power of the mind and spirituality, as a demonstration of demonic possession. Some new age theories consider it simply a natural potentiality of the brain, still unknown to science.
Controlled experiments on levitation have been carried out, in the 1960s and 1970s some practices were carried out with small objects levitated on a table, but there is no proof of these reports. All attempts to demonstrate this phenomenon have been unsuccessful. .
Let’s remember that science works by repetition, an isolated event does not confirm a fact or prove a theory. Still, so many reports throughout history draw enough attention that scientists don’t address the problem.
After so many years considering levitation as a suggestion by religious groups, a scam by criminals to obtain money or an element of science fiction, it seems that physicists have discovered that this phenomenon is not only a fact, but also a result. of natural forces known to science, which cause objects to repel each other and move away.
Can humans levitate?

It is not about electrical charges or the force of gravity, as might have been suggested, but about what experts call the Casimir force, a phenomenon of quantum mechanics, inside matter: fluctuations in the energy fields of the microparticles cause frictions that affect the empty spaces between objects.
These body rejections are the scientific basis of levitation. Physicists believe that devices can be built to levitate humans and heavy objects, but there is still a long way to go to develop such complex technological systems.
In the examples reported throughout history, levitation has not been fully explained yet, but at least science already knows that this phenomenon exists, what are the laws that support it, and in the future will undoubtedly appear the application to each case. Now it only remains to wait.

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