Upheaval in Canada: Politicians alarmed by secret UFO programs

Upheaval in Canada: Politicians alarmed by secret UFO programs

In a letter bomb, Canadian politician Larry Maguire urged Canada’s Minister of National Defense to request a  briefing that could verify whether Canada and the Five Eyes  intelligence alliance   are involved in a secret program on the recovery and exploitation of materials from ufos.

Upheaval in Canada: Politicians alarmed by secret UFO programs

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The letter found its way into the hands of investigative journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, who posted details on their  podcast  , titled  WEAPONIZED  .

In the letter, dated March 22, 2023, Maguire strongly urges Anita Anand to formally request a confidential meeting regarding alleged UFO covert efforts involving Canada, writing:

“I am writing to recommend that you request a confidential meeting, containing program-protected and confidential information from your employees regarding the Government of Canada’s historic and ongoing efforts in the analysis of recovered UFO material.”

Maguire also writes that:

“Recovered foreign material is studied through the  Five Eyes Foreign Material Program  (FMP) which, in Canada, is sponsored by the Canadian Forces Intelligence Command, in accordance with various intelligence sharing agreements and treaties.”

The Five Eyes intelligence alliance   , established in 1941, today comprises New Zealand, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. In May 2023,  Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick  , who heads the US government’s UFO Office (known as AARO), is revealed to have held a meeting with the  Five Eyes nations  to discuss the UFO issue.

According to Maguire and various sources known to the  Liberation Times portal, it has become apparent that the Five Eyes’  connection   to UFOs extends well beyond surface-level involvement.

However, it is another alliance that seems to concern Maguire: AUKUS, the trilateral security pact involving Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. According to Maguire, this alliance has the potential to reveal information coming from the  Five Eyes Foreign Material program  , posing a potential threat to Canada’s credibility on the UFO issue.

Maguire writes:

“I am concerned that upcoming expected public announcements will be coordinated between AUKUS, which could damage Canada’s credibility with our allies and the Canadian public on the global stage.”

Announced in 2021, AUKUS is a security pact in the Asia-Pacific region, widely seen as an initiative aimed at countering Chinese influence.

The foundation of AUKUS is built on facilitating the exchange of sensitive technology between the US and the UK with Australia. This collaboration allows Australia to build its inaugural fleet of nuclear-powered submarines as a strategic response to the growing Chinese threat.

Since its creation, the cooperation between its members has deepened from an innovation perspective. The US Department of Defense recently requested funding for five new projects, collectively called the AUKUS Innovation Initiatives, to accelerate technology deployments.

Although not a member, Anand recently stated that Canada is ”  very interested  ” in working closely with AUKUS members on defense technology, after reports circulated that the country wants to join the defense pact.

Concern surrounding AUKUS and its implications for the UFO issue appears to have reached a tipping point, leading Maguire to strongly recommend that Canada’s Minister of National Defense come forward for a confidential meeting and develop a communication plan to May 2023 to effectively address this threat. The plan would specifically focus on mitigating what Maguire calls the ”  upcoming public disclosures that will result from these US FMPs  .”

In his letter, Maguire also singles out Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC), which he claims (according to the title of his letter) was involved in efforts to analyze UFO material, dating back to around 1950.

The DRDC is the Canadian version of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Founded in 1947, DRDC’s purpose is to provide knowledge and technology to the Canadian Armed Forces, other government departments, and the public safety and homeland security communities.

Noting the importance of the information contained in the letter, Jeremy Corbell told the  Liberation Times  :

“The full and direct admission that Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC) is in possession of recovered UFO material is a huge step forward in informing the world public about the reality of the UFO presence on planet Earth, whatever that may be. represent for us. humanity, that remains an open question.”

In the letter to Anand, Maguire sent copies to the following officials:

  • Mélanie Joly – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada
  • Omar Alghabra – Minister of Transport of Canada
  • Dr. Mona Nemer – Canada’s Chief Scientist
  • Major General Michael Wright – Commander, Canadian Forces Intelligence Command Canadian Forces Intelligence Command

Speaking about the importance of sending a copy to Major General Michael Wright, Jeremy Corbell told WEAPONIZED viewers   :

“His name was brought to me years ago as someone who was what they call a keeper of this information.”

Corbel added:

“That sounds like a warning shot.

This individual is aware of these scouting programs coordinated by  Five Eyes  and Canada. So putting that person in this as a cc (carbon copy) seems like a shot to me.”

Earlier this year, the Canadian government’s top scientist published a study on UFOs known as the  Sky Canada Project  . In communication from him to Anand, Maguire highlighted the essentiality of involving Canada’s leading scientist in the alleged UFO covert efforts involving Canada, Maguire stated:

“It is essential that the Chief Scientific Adviser have full access to defense programs and be briefed on scientific research efforts in collaboration with our allies.”

It is unclear if Anand responded to Maguire’s letter or if a communication plan was put together after the recommended May 2023 deadline or if Anand received the confidential meeting.

Corbell told the  Liberation Times  that he had carried out an independent verification, confirming the authorship of the letter as Maguire and affirming its authenticity:

“I can finally say, for the first time in this publication, that I have absolute and direct confirmation that this urgent and groundbreaking letter from Mr. Deputy Larry Maguire. in fact, it is exactly what it appears to be.”

The  Liberation Times  understands that Maguire has entered into discussions with various intelligence and defense officials who are aware of the UFO programs. These officials, who were well placed to have inside information, corroborated the details presented in Anand’s letter.

Speaking of this, Corbell commented:

“He [Maguire] has met direct program scouting people first hand, I know he has met them.”

The discourse surrounding alleged covert recovery programs involving potentially non-human intelligent ships has intensified following recent startling revelations made by former US intelligence officer David  Grusch  .

These claims have sparked significant debate, raising deep concerns about democratic oversight and government transparency regarding UFO-related matters, if the claims made by Grusch and Maguire turn out to be accurate.

As Maguire says in the context of Canada, its democracy, its allies, and public transparency:

“There must be parliamentary oversight of the efforts of government institutions, and responsible ministers must be fully briefed on this program, including public posting content that aligns with allied public disclosures.”

If proven, the claims made by Maguire are undeniably startling and have significant implications. At a time when the world is already grappling with allegations of a possible US covert program targeting non-human spacecraft, Canada’s alleged involvement adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

Furthermore, Maguire’s accusations implicat not only Canada and the US, but also the other three  Five Eyes nations  : New Zealand, the UK and Australia.

What makes this even more astonishing is Maguire’s suggestion that major revelations about AUKUS UFOs may soon emerge. At this time, Australia and the UK refuse to acknowledge that  Five Eyes  discussed UFOs, despite public confirmation from Canada, New Zealand and the US.
Upheaval in Canada: Politicians alarmed by secret UFO programs

Upheaval in Canada: Politicians alarmed by secret UFO programs

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