Man working in Antarctica saw powerful machines for contacting alien spacecraft in deep space

Man working in Antarctica saw powerful machines for contacting alien spacecraft in deep space

A groundbreaking initiative has been spearheaded by Dr. Steven M. Greer, a renowned founder of the Disclosure Project and a respected authority on the UFO/UAP phenomena. Dr. Greer made an exceptional presentation on June 12, 2023 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, revealing compelling evidence related to unauthorized and covert black budget projects associated with UFO/UAP operations.

For more than 33 years he has been working as a volunteer in the Disclosure Project, and the last time he held an event was 22 years ago, on May 9, 2001, to which 22 people from different government sectors joined. At a recent 3-hour event, Dr. Greer presented his research on covert programs and was joined by six courageous whistleblowers who shared compelling information on covert operations.

In this lengthy event, the most compelling testimony comes from Eric Hecker, a former Raytheon contractor who spent a year at the South Pole. He revealed amazing information about a secret space program that is taking place in Antarctica. Hecker’s unique experience and access to advanced technology at the South Pole station have provided him with crucial insights that he believes should be shared with the world.
eric hecker

eric hecker

Note:  Raytheon Technologies Corporation is an American multinational defense and aerospace conglomerate headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. It is one of the world’s largest defense and aerospace manufacturers by revenue and market capitalization, as well as one of the largest providers of intelligence services.

Neutrino Light Array and Directed Energy Weapons

Hecker began his testimony by explaining his role as a merchant and firefighter at the South Pole station. He stressed that the technology there, particularly the  IceCube neutrino detector  , has purposes beyond what is publicly disclosed. He says he was selected to go to the South Pole Station in Antarctica in 2010, where he spent an entire year for Raytheon Polar Services as an outside contractor employee for the National Science Foundation.

He submitted documentation indicating that there are 5160 DOMs (digital optical modules) embedded in the ice that can transmit at 2047 volts each. This revelation suggests that the neutrino detector possesses capabilities well beyond passive listening, effectively functioning as a multifaceted directed energy weapons platform. Its size and power suggested that it could be used for deep (quantum) space communications with spacecraft traveling throughout our solar system and beyond.

Hecker revealed to  Dr. Michale Salla in an interview  that “each DOM has the ability to transmit at 2047 volts, which in my opinion makes it the largest phased array transmitter in the world. This discovery led me to research and connect with Dr. Greer, as he aligns with the concepts he presents for directed energy weapons and communication devices for faster-than-light-traveling ships. I believe this detector serves as a communication device for intergalactic communication.”
Dr. Steven Greer's UFO Project Credit: Dr. Steven Greer/YouTube

UFO Project of Dr. Steven Greer1 Credit: Dr. Steven Greer/YouTube

During the interview, Dr. Salla expresses his fascination with the subject of communication and acknowledges that traditional electromagnetic communication may be inefficient for long-distance spacecraft communication due to time lag. He asks Hecker if he is suggesting that the IceCube neutrino detector could be used for quantum communication. In response, Eric Hecker explains that based on the research and documentation he has collected, he seems to lean more towards quantum communication. He emphasizes that he provides supporting documentation on his website to corroborate these findings. Hecker further notes that his goal is to present the facts and support concerns that others have already raised. As someone who experienced the installation first hand, he claims that something is up,

Functions of the South Pole Station

Hecker further elaborated on the various functions of the South Pole station, stating that it acts as an air traffic control station for extraterrestrial craft, including alien and human-made vehicles that emit neutrinos. He also claimed that the facility enables faster-than-light communications, which is crucial for interstellar travel. He referenced Gary McKinnon’s earlier NASA hack, which revealed the existence of an off-world fleet, and proposed that the South Pole station is critical in facilitating such communications.

“In addition to the ability to detect neutrinos and exotic vehicles, I have provided documentation demonstrating that this is also a system for faster-than-light communications. In the past, Gary McKinnon hacked into NASA, found the off-world fleet, the list of captains, and it’s clear that if we have faster-than-light vehicles moving throughout the system, we’ll need faster-than-light communications vehicles. This is that facility,” Hecker explains.

Earthquake generating device and ELF system

Continuing his testimony, Hecker revealed a disturbing aspect of the South Pole station. He claimed that during his time there from 2010 to 2011, seismic activity occurred when the IceCube neutrino detector was first activated, indicating its potential to generate earthquakes. Furthermore, he claimed that the South Pole station hosts an ELF (  Extremely Low Frequency  ) system, initially believed to be disabled but later found to be fully operational. He suggested that this system, along with other technologies, has nefarious purposes.

There is an ELF system at the South Pole station. When I arrived, I was told that it was turned off, dismantled, and completely inactive. At my job, I had to figure out the circuit for some other repairs, and found out that this system is, in fact, fully energized, working, and being used with the other systems for nefarious purposes as well,” Hecker said. .

Long-range secondary communications and power supply

Hecker discussed another intriguing aspect of the South Pole station, namely the Atmospheric Research Observatory located in the Clean Air sector. He claimed to have witnessed a powerful green laser emanating from this facility, speculating that it could be used for long-range communications or as a defense system.

In addition, he expressed concern about the power supply at the South Pole station, noting that the power demands of the advanced technologies he found exceeded what was publicly acknowledged. He theorized about the presence of a hidden nuclear power source from before the Antarctic Treaty or an unrevealed exotic power system.

In his brief testimony, Eric Hecker shed light on a secret space program operating within the confines of the South Pole station in Antarctica. Statements and supporting documentation from him suggest that the IceCube neutrino detector possesses capabilities beyond its stated scientific goals, functioning as a directed energy weapons platform, an air traffic control station, and a facility for faster communications than the light. Hecker also raised concerns about the detector’s earthquake-generating potential and the presence of an operational ELF system. Furthermore, he questioned the power supply arrangements at the station. For those looking for more detailed information, Hecker directed them to his website,, where he has documented his findings and made additional information publicly available.

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