There is an alien code in our genes

There is an alien code in our genes

The answer to the question of whether we are alone in the universe, rather than investigating the cosmos, could be right under our noses, more literally, inside every cell of our bodies.

Researchers believe that the answer to whether or not we are alone in the universe could be hidden in our genetic code. They suggest that the cells of our body hide messages from aliens.

Mathematician Vladimir Scherbak, from the Al-Farabi National University of Kazakhstan, and astrobiologist Maksim Makukov, from the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute, also in Kazakhstan, claim to have detected traces of alien information embedded in our genetic code. In their opinion, this intelligent signal, which they have named ‘biological SETI’, is a mathematical and semantic message that cannot be explained by natural causes, reported the magazine ‘ Icarus ‘.

There is an alien code in our genes

Astrophysicists speculate that the intelligent message left in our DNA is written with semantics and mathematics that cannot be explained by the classical Darwinian theory of evolution.

They state that the genetic code  “is a flexible correspondence between codons and amino acids, and this flexibility allows artificial modification of the code” . However, they stressed that once set, “the code could remain unchanged across cosmological time scales .  ” “In fact, it is the most durable ‘construction’ known ,” they point out. Precisely for this reason, they argue, it represents an exceptionally reliable container for an intelligent signature.

They also argue that the human genome presents a meticulous and precise order in the assignment between the nucleotides and amino acids of the DNA .

“Simple provisions of the code reveal a set of arithmetic and ideographic patterns of symbolic language ,” says the ‘Icarus’ publication. The scientists highlight that these “precise and systematic” underlying patterns   are presented as  “the product of precise logic and non-trivial computation rather than products of stochastic processes” .

They conclude that  “whatever the real reason behind the decimal system in the code, it appears to have been invented outside the Solar System several billion years ago . “

“Our genetic code appears to have been invented outside the solar system several billion years ago.”

This type of “intelligent signature” would be the indelible seal of an extraterrestrial civilization that preceded us by many millions or billions of years. The biological footprint in the human genome would be the legacy of this remote civilization of the Milky Way.

Scherbak and Makukov’s conclusion does, in fact, seem to support the panspermia theory  , the hypothesis that life on Earth was seeded from space. But are there other indications that support the conclusions of the two astrophysicists? Yeah!.

“Foreign” material in our DNA

Research  published in Nature in 2012 , led by Robert Gifford, a virologist at the AIDS Research Center’s Aaron Diamond, and John Coffin, a virologist at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, reveals that we may all be less human than we are. what we think

The study explains that the human genome is partly a virus, specifically the Bornavirus, which kills horses and sheep. It seems that 2 million years ago, this virus has put some of its genetic material into DNA.

The discovery shows that this type of  RNA virus can act as a retrovirus (like  HIV ) and stably integrate as a host for our genes. This research could help us understand much more about our evolution, revealing how today’s world is the fruit of the work of a virus contained in each one of us, scientists say.

“Knowledge of ourselves as a species has been somewhat misunderstood,” said Robert Gifford. So we try not to realize that human DNA has evolved thanks to the contribution of bacteria and other microorganisms, and that our immune defenses have used genetic material to protect themselves from infection. It seems that up to 8% of our genome could harbor genetic material from the virus.

People may not be quite human beings as they think they are.

In a parallel study, Japanese researchers found copies of a  Bornavirus gene  included in at least four different areas of the human genome. Research conducted on other mammals has revealed its presence in a wide range of species for millions of years.

“Evidence has been presented of a fossil with remains of Bornavirus,” said John Coffin, a virologist at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston and co-author of the study. “This also tells us that the evolution of the virus did not proceed as we thought.” .

Scientists say this “prehistoric infection” could be a source of human mutations, especially in our neurons.

But what if instead of an “infection” it was the “brand” suggested by Shcherbak and Makukov? This fascinating theory, if confirmed, in fact also supports the thesis of the ancient astronauts theory, according to which, in ancient times, some extraterrestrials who visited Earth, have contributed to the evolution and development of human civilization in our planet.

If so, humanity would not only find that it is not the only species that inhabits the universe, but that it would be part of a royal family of cosmic dimensions… Universal!

In conclusion

The claims of these studies represent a bold new approach to understanding our origins and, above all, our destiny as humanity.

We know so little about the origin of life on Earth that this borders on presumption, implying a genetic structure that supposedly defies natural explanation.

However, we must also consider the effect that these shocking revelations have on our sensitivity, because they are all our beliefs about our origin, the concept of humanity, and in the end, the very idea of ​​God.

Therefore, if in our genetic code there is the mark of an extraterrestrial bioengineer, then, ultimately, who designed the designer?

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