Non-Human Technology Ship Recovery: The Claims Are “Credible and Urgent”!

Non-Human Technology Ship Recovery: The Claims Are “Credible and Urgent”!

Non-Human Technology Ship Recovery: The Claims Are “Credible and Urgent”!

Following recent revelations by David Charles Grusch, a former intelligence officer, about the existence of non-human technology ships in American hands and the reverse engineering carried out on the remains obtained, author Marik von Rennenkampff on The Hill portal now provides details that indicate that the claims can be classified as “credible and urgent”. «.

According to an explosive notice and subsequent explanation, the strong internal investigative body that oversees the country’s intelligence agencies deemed a whistleblower’s claim that UFO-related information was improperly withheld from Congress “urgent and credible.” ». ”.

The whistleblower, a former senior intelligence official, was previously represented by a lawyer who had served as the intelligence community’s first inspector general, a position confirmed by the Senate. This is a startling revelation. It appears that one of the signatories to the complaint filed with the current inspector general of the intelligence community was the managing partner of the law firm representing the complainant.

The law firm that previously defended the whistleblower made it clear in a June 9 press release that it “had neither ruled nor ruled” on the validity of the explosive information delivered to the intelligence community’s inspector general, that the whistleblower ” has characterized as now publicly ». «.

Additionally, current and former officials backed up the allegations made by whistleblower David Grusch while corroborating his general themes. Additionally, Grusch spent hours testifying before Congress, creating a transcript of hundreds of pages. NewsNation’s Ross Coulthart also received an exclusive interview from Grusch.

Non-Human Technology Ship Recovery: The Claims Are “Credible and Urgent”!David Charles Grusch, former US intelligence officer.

In speaking with investigators, Grusch and other knowledgeable people appear to have no motivation to tell lies. Financial fines and jail time can result from “knowingly and willfully making false statements” to the intelligence community’s inspector general.

At first glance, the facts mentioned above should fascinate every newsroom and living room in America. However, there are reasons for doubt.

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

First of all, Grusch has not backed up his claims with any evidence. The notion that such momentous revelations could remain secret for any appreciable period of time is also difficult to accept.

The Department of Defense refuted Grusch’s claims that the Pentagon’s new UFO office had discovered this type of activity in a statement to NewsNation.

Grusch claims that his allegations are supported by highly classified evidence, which is a reasonable claim. The classified evidence that Grusch provided to Congress and to two inspectors general [alleging that UFO information was improperly withheld] should have been solid, complete and substantiated, logically enough, given the seriousness of the allegations. so that the intelligence community watchdog sees his claims as “credible and urgent” from the point of view of other informed people. ”.

Grusch certainly had the ability to pull off a Daniel Ellsberg-style leak of highly classified information. But based on what the general public knows, Grusch is using the well-known and legally secure whistleblowing procedure. Grusch appears to be playing by the rules by keeping his word not to improperly disclose classified information. I can respect this choice because I once had a top secret security clearance.

It is now up to congressional staff and appropriate inspectors general to conclude their investigations based on the evidence offered by Grusch and, as mentioned, apparently corroborated by individuals. This is because the House Oversight Committee has agreed to hold a hearing. involved in the alleged program.

Author and political commentator Michael Shellenberger appears to have had detailed conversations with some of these people. Numerous current and former officials, as reported by Shellenberger, corroborated the broad outlines of Grusch’s explosive accusations. The officials also gave context and descriptions of the vehicles allegedly found during the covert UFO recovery and reverse engineering effort.

Non-Human Technology Ship Recovery: The Claims Are “Credible and Urgent”!Image Credit: DALL-E/Bing –

This is a perplexing question, and from my experience in government, it left me deeply skeptical of longstanding rumors of such activities. If Grusch’s accusations are confirmed, how could such a monumental and revolutionary event have remained a secret for so long? It is conceivable that the many people who were inevitably unaffected by such alleged efforts were misled into thinking that ground vehicles were being recovered rather than more exotic ones, although only thorough and objective research can provide a definitive answer to this question.

In response to Grusch’s shocking allegations, the Department of Defense issued a statement earlier this week. According to the department, the Pentagon’s new UFO office “has not uncovered any verifiable information to substantiate claims that programs related to the possession or reverse engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or currently exist.”

However, it could be a clever pun. According to Grusch, the personnel of the early UFO analysis programs did not have access to knowledge about the types of activities that he and others claim are taking place. It is therefore conceivable that, like its predecessor organizations, the Domain Wide Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) (the current DoD UFO analysis effort) is simply unaware of the alleged program.

In particular, the Pentagon’s office of prepublication review, which sifts through books, movie scripts and statements by former officials to ensure sensitive information is not inadvertently disclosed, approved Grusch’s startling statements about the recovery of “alien” ships. of “non-human” origin. Some detractors wonder how, if such information is so private, the Pentagon could have given Grusch the go-ahead to make such shocking claims.

However, logic suggests that if a UFO recovery and exploitation effort were to operate illegally, as alleged, it would be unknown to Pentagon censors. Since such activities would likely have been discovered long ago if the prepublication review office had been “in the know,”

Key national security-focused members of Congress appear to have found the explosive allegations of illegal crashed UFO recovery activities credible. A major defense bill, signed by President Biden in December, establishes strong protections for whistleblowers of UFO programs that engage in “material recovery, material analysis, reverse engineering [and] research and development. ”.

Federal law now bears the unmistakable imprint of individuals committed to exposing what they are convinced is a long and deep hidden truth.

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