What is our extraterrestrial ancestry: the Pleiades theory?

What is our alien ancestry

What is our extraterrestrial ancestry: the Pleiades theory?

So what is our extraterrestrial ancestry? Are the Pleiadians at the center of who we really are?

As of December 21, 2020, a Pleiadian prophecy dominated discussions of UFOs and aliens.

Many misinterpreted what it really meant with the common theory that when it came to pass, we would be doomed as a species. Well, as of this writing, I can report that we are still here.

Like the Mayan predictions of 2012, the  Pleiadian prophecy  was destined to wipe out us as a species.

It seems to be an inherent trait of humanity that we ascribe carnage and destruction with predictions like these.

But we continue to survive.

But what if these predictions are correct and doom us to our fate? In other words, instead of instant destruction through some catastrophic event, we are warned that if we don’t get our house in order as a species, we will experience a slower death.

This is how the researcher and author Steven Strong explained it to me in an interview prior to the expiration date of the prophecy.

During our long discussion about how the prophecy came about, Strong explained that there was a device involved and escape clauses attached to it.

escape clauses? The Pleiadians left a magic box that needed to be activated. Strong explained that the earth was cleaning itself up, but that doesn’t mean we’ll experience a natural disaster.

The key was to find the box and activate it. But until now, his whereabouts remain a mystery. When the  Pleiadians  return to a place in Australia called Uluru to retrieve it, it’s unclear who would be here to greet them.

Scroll to the bottom to listen to the full interview with Steven Strong.

So what is our alien ancestry then?

What is our alien ancestry

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So are the Pleiadians the core of our  alien ancestry? And is Australia where it all started? And the aborigines of Australia, the world’s oldest humans, hold the key to who we truly descend from.

It’s fascinating stuff, and Strong explained why he thinks we’re  brothers and sisters to the Pleiadians  .

“When you talk about Australia, I am surprised that there is an exclusivity in Australia in relation to the Pleiadians. It is confirmed by all the elders of the aboriginal communities”.

“And you have to remember that in Australia there are 400 to 500 tribes, and each of them has different languages, different cultures, different landscapes, and they all have different dream stories.”

“But there is a dream story that transcends tribal states. And those are the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.

“There are no sister sisters of Sirius or Andromeda. There is no mention of any elders I have spoken to anywhere in this country or anywhere other than the Pleiades.”

“I remember that I had older people who called me and always closed with the same thing.”

In fact, one of the oldest, Uncle Jerry, always said before he passed away, ‘and don’t forget my grandmother told me that the Pleiadians are our brothers and sisters.’

“That’s something in Australia that there was no deviation from.”

The Stolen History of the Original People

What is our alien ancestry? Once again, we can look at the history of Aboriginal people.

Strong says that as the indigenous people of Australia and the oldest human community in the world, the stolen history of Aboriginal people is crucial in this whole scenario of prophecy.

“I don’t think in the rest of the world there was any kind of limitation on who could come and go.”

“But in Australia, I think from the beginning to the end, it’s an exclusive entry for the Pleiadians.”

“So it’s no surprise that if there was going to be a prophecy about anything the Pleiadians did, it would first have to be in Australia because that’s where this all starts.”

“So that was a common thing with dream stories.”

“We would have a rock; the most important rock in our collection. I remember when Father Cano didn’t say anything to me about it for about two and a half years.”

“And then finally he told me the story of the dream, and lo and behold, it’s about the Pleiades again.”

“So yeah, it’s just part of the ancestry of the original people. And it’s part of the original story. They have stolen it and the elders return it”.

“That’s what this is about to some degree. And of course, whether they return the story or not, the Pleiadians will return it anyway.”

“So it’s not really a big problem. The importance of the Pleiadians with Australia, with the planet and the plans for the future, according to all the elders that we have spoken with, well, that will come out anyway.

“And then everyone will have to decide whether to believe it or not. And that’s not really our problem. This is what it’s about, it’s  about the Pleiadians  .”

Our alien ancestry in the time of dreams

For those who haven’t heard of Aboriginal dream stories, Strong covers them in depth in the following interview.

It’s not an easy thing to explain, but once you understand what dream time or dream stories are, chances are you’ll “turn on a light bulb” in your head.

The December 2020 deadline came and went without any major carnage on record.

But it’s fascinating to reflect back and see what 2020 really gave us. For starters, the Pandemic dominated the headlines. The world seemed to spin out of control.

When you talk to many people today, especially those from the Baby Boomer and Generation X eras, they will tell you that the world is turned upside down.

It’s almost as if every day when you get out of bed, you enter an alternate earth. Everything looks the same, but everything from opinions to rules seems to be the opposite of what we grew up learning.

So perhaps the  Pleiadian prophecy  has triggered the “slow death” scenario for this planet. The earth may be in the process of being cleaned up and we as a species “might be screwed” to put it mildly.

what do we do? Strong speaks of the “magic box” in the following interview as “our escape clause.” There is a theory that it feeds on the energy of the inhabitants of our planet.

If it’s positive, then we’ll be fine. If not, well, you can probably guess the result. Hear what Steven Strong, with his informative resources, thinks we should do.

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