Sacred Stones – Benben stone

Benben Stone The  sacred stones  are very common in all the ancient cultures of the world from menhirs to mysterious pyramids like the  Benben stone , these  sacred stones  were revered as having some kind of hidden power, which is still a mystery that a simple rock can become sacred when there are millions all over the Earth.
The  Benben stone,  according to the beliefs of the mythology of Heliopolis (ancient Egypt), was the representation of the primordial hill, the one that gave origin to everything known, the first ray of light from Ra when he arrived on earth and other sacred attributes and religious character were attributed to this sacred stone.
Most likely the pyramidal shape of the  Benben stone was a reference for the construction of various monuments such as conical obelisks. Benben Rock   is believed to have originally been more of a cone-like shape, but was later reshaped to resemble a pyramid.
Sacred Stones – Benben stone

Benben Representation

There are many attributes in which Egyptian mythology refers to this sacred stone, relating the rock to the rising sun and the Bennun bird perching on top of the Benben. But mythology are those myths which it is not known if they are true like legends, so a great variety of myths revolve around this  pyramid-shaped Benben stone  and which has been venerated as if it were something sacred, making reference in some of the hieroglyphs to the fact that the Benben fell from the sky.

Many researchers claim that there are multiple representations of this stone throughout Heliopolis (Egypt), but it is believed that the primordial stone must have been a meteorite that fell in prehistoric times and was later venerated as if it were something sent by the gods.
Sacred Stones – Benben stonePyramidion, Red Pyramid, Egypt.

The  sacred stones  known as  Benben  remain a mystery and we cannot base all information regarding these  stones  on Egyptian mythology either. You can study the enigma with the pyramids of China.
Traveling to the south of Egypt in the Sudan, the conical shape in some ancient constructions also refers in one way or another to the  Benben stone . Why?
Sacred Stones – Benben stone

Nubian pyramids, Sudan

Many researchers try to explain why the pyramid shape, lately it is said to be an energy concentrator of some kind, with a technology or wisdom lost in time. But it is still another theory, although some anomalies have been detected that have led these researchers to publish their hypotheses in some media, the press always leaves room for the enigmatic as on this site.
The conical pyramids and the pyramids themselves are a mystery about which many enigmas will be published on this site, I hope that in some cases the enigmas are revealed, although it does not usually happen as much as I would like to continue looking for the answers.

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