Humanity is getting closer to being a space civilization

Humanity is getting closer to being a space civilization

Humanity is getting closer to being a space civilization

Skepticism about the visit of beings from other planets is kept alive by the enormous sidereal distances. For decades, physicists have argued that another form of motion through space is possible.

There is an uproar in the scientific community over the idea that space travel is faster than light.

The man who was awarded by NASA in 2006 is currently working on a project for the US agency, and this December he gave a lecture on the possible construction of a ship that travels at the speed of light. His proposal is based on the Alcubierre effect.

“Mexican scientists in 1994 proposed the hypothesis that it is possible to exceed the speed of light in a bubble that distorts space-time.”

Mexican scientist Miguel Alcubierre has proposed that this “cosmological constant” can be overcome by creating a space-time warp bubble at the location of the spacecraft.

Known as a warp drive, his system could propel a spacecraft at many times the speed of light, avoiding the problems associated with the relative expansion of the spacecraft. Forecast. The ship he proposed would allow you to go to Polestar for tea and then go home to eat with your family.

In 2012, NASA scientists announced that they were making small warp pulses in the lab, but White will highlight the quantum leap in a paper published in the summer of 2021 in the European Physical Journal. Am. DARPA’s White solved the mysterious Casimir effect, a force that exists in a vacuum and can be measured experimentally.

The Casimir effect can be understood as the presence of conductive metals and dielectrics, which can change the vacuum energy expectations of the electromagnetic field at the quantum level. Testing various models, White discovered similarities to the shape of the Alcubierre bubble and devised an innovative experiment that allowed him to create a prototype warp drive. He notes that the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) has been studying UFOs for more than a decade and holds several antigravity-related patents.

Do they have access to the type of technology that they are investing in?

Adding to this speculation is the fact that almost 30 years after the formation of the Alcubierre bubble, it was able to travel very close to the speed of light, making interstellar travel and observations possible. A planet that uses alien technology that can alter the curvature of space-time. White challenges the scientific community to conduct experiments. He explained to defense and technology magazine The Debrief that he can’t do that now because he’s already tied up with DARPA, but he promised to try to build a prototype FTL spacecraft when the deal closes.

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