It’s possible that NASA and the US Navy have a highly advanced active fleet of working ships in space

There have been a number of allegations that the US Navy is assembling a unique Space Fleet. According to official reports, the US Navy and NASA both currently operate a fully functional Space Fleet.

Well-known individuals like Daniel K. Inouye, who asserted that there exists a secret government operating in the shadows with its own Air Force, Navy, and methods for generating money and that it is free to act whenever it pleases, support their allegations.

Many conspiracy theorists and ufologists think that governments all around the world possess advanced technology that is either concealed or alien.

According to former Canadian minister Paul Hellyer, extraterrestrial visitors to Earth in the past helped us in our evolutionary process. However, their excursions were considered a threat, and “our” people made the decision to shoot them down.

Throughout history, hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on projects that the Congress and the Commander in Chief have kept under wraps.

That there are multiple pieces of evidence that they are contacting us and that numerous extraterrestrial civilizations have been keeping an eye on us for a long time is implied by the fact that many well-known astronauts and former astronauts have done the same thing.

For their propulsion systems, these react utilize unfathomable technology such as magnetic rotation, toroids, or discs.


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