A Renowned Biopsychologist Claims that ETs are Wary of Humans

The infamous Fermi Paradox asks why there haven’t been any confirmed alien visitors to Earth despite their being billions of stars and planets. In ufology circles, the second part of the conundrum is frequently discussed (are they already here? ), but a fresh possibility has started to surface. Nick Pope, the most well-known UFO specialist in England, has put out the hypothesis that aliens who are now monitoring Earth would be hesitant to come because a certain global leader is engaging in harmful conduct against his fellow humans that may endanger them as well. A renowned biopsychologist has since authored a study on the issue, adding on what ETs are scared of.

Would you like me to visit Earth?
Dr. Gordon Gallup is a psychologist from the United States who works at the University of Albany. He is most known for his research on animal behavior and for creating the mirror self-recognition test, which measures an animal’s level of self-awareness. What does a specialist in animal behavior know about aliens? He explains in his article, which was printed in the Journal of Astrobiology:

“We briefly summarize two of the main scientific assertions for intelligence on Earth in order to evaluate intelligence elsewhere in the cosmos. One is the notion that understanding our own purposes for existing is a necessary component of intelligence. The other requires self-awareness and the ability to infer what others are thinking, feeling, or intending to do.

According to Gallup, killing each other is a result of knowing what the other person knows, wants, or intends to do. And any thorough examination of human behavior over an extended period of time will rapidly reveal that people often commit mass murder using brutal methods. Beyond wars and murders, there are other ways to kill, such as through habitat damage and pollution. Gallup cites “the entire devastation of the highly complex Aztec and Inca civilizations, the consequent slavery and extermination of the local peoples, their temples and buildings demolished, their riches and natural resources seized and carried across the oceans” as an example from the recent past. What would ETs think about Earth and Earthlings based on that if they looked at historical records or trip guides?

But if there is intelligence elsewhere in the cosmos, it might not have surfaced because it thinks humans are too risky and hazardous.

That would be an appropriate end to Dr. Gallup’s essay, but he goes one step farther and flips the mirror so that it is now facing us. What is our future if we’re so destructive that other advanced civilizations are hesitant to visit?

“It is very doubtful that human-like intellect would reappear on this planet if humans become extinct, and the likelihood that human-like intelligence will evolve on other worlds is infinitely tiny.”

Return us so they don’t discover us!

Gallup suggests changing Rene Descartes’ famous adage, “I am; therefore, I think,” to “I am; therefore, I think.” That’s just half the battle, though. Dorothy Parker, a well-known American poet, author, critic, and satire, was reportedly challenged to use the word “horticulture” in a sentence. You can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think, she swiftly retorted with a joke. Are we Earth’s prostitutes with culture and intelligence but no ability to reason? Is this the reason why we have never encountered extraterrestrial life? Do they actually fear us? Are they only waiting for us to go extinct?

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