Astrophysicist: “Alien invasion of Earth is planned.”

Astrophysicist: “Alien invasion of Earth is planned.”

How many films and television shows have included extraterrestrial invasions? To count them, fingers are probably absent. What if an extraterrestrial invasion did occur, though?

The director of the Keele Earth and Space Observatory at Keele University in England, Jacco Van Loon, an astronomer, has cautioned that an evolved extraterrestrial civilization may easily perceive humans as a danger and exterminate us.

Professor Van Loon says that while the Universe has been for more than 10 billion years longer than the earliest traces of life on Earth, they first appeared on our planet around 3.5 billion years ago in an article that featured on the news website “The Conversation.”

It is quite likely that something existed before us and is far more evolved if we accept the idea that life is not exclusive to Earth. This is assuming that these extraterrestrials followed the same trajectory as life on Earth.

The scientist explains why extraterrestrials have not yet made contact with Earth; they may view us as a naive species, and an advanced race might simply exterminate us.

Van Loon says that aliens “may be interested in our planet.”

The circumstances for life on Earth are ideal. If for some reason they had to abandon their home planet due to climate change, nuclear war, or a significant asteroid strike, they could need another place to live.

It’s also conceivable that they don’t want to be friends. In several instances throughout history, humans have traveled to locations on Earth and behaved violently, murdering or enslaving the local populace.

“The aliens that colonize Earth could want humanity to move out of the way for them,”

The fact that humans are predators and consume other living forms is another factor. We could be edible or nourishing to aliens.

Professor Van Loon said, however, that even while aliens might not be interested in humanity, it doesn’t follow that we won’t discover them in the near future.

On the other hand, it’s possible that an existence similar to ours is actually rather commonplace. We might not have grabbed your attention yet with the abundance of worlds and civilizations available.

The scientist says, “Some aliens may deem humanity boring, impossible to understand, too primitive to earn their attention, or perhaps carriers of disease.”

For many years and at far greater distances, conversations have been taking place across the immensity of space. Some extraterrestrials could just have no interest in life elsewhere.

If true, we could soon be able to independently discover extraterrestrial life orbiting neighboring stars.

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