An astronaut apparently managed to record three weird UFOs flying around the ISS in a recent video.

Three triangle-shaped UFOs were allegedly seen hovering near to the International Space Station in a video that was released to the YouTube channel UFO Today.

The audio is said to have been uploaded online by an astronaut from the International Space Station. He or she asserts that they were there when the meeting had place and that they told superiors about it.

In case you didn’t know, the International Space Station is now circling the Earth quite quickly.

According to many, this is one of the quickest machines we’ve ever built, yet these three UFOs sped right past it.

The Grey Aliens are one of the most evolved alien civilizations, and many people today think that these are their UFOs. Their technology is unlike anything we have ever seen.

While many people believe this video to be real, some believe it to be a fraud. Which view do you hold? Do you find the ignorance upsetting or do you just accept it as it is? After seeing the video, let us know what you think.


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