Aboriginal people could be the result of interplanetary and terrestrial unions.

Archaeologists have discovered ancient tombs of unidentified humanoid creatures all across the planet.

The Hebita cave, which is situated in the “Forbidden Zone,” a remote area of China, is home to 716 mystery bones. They had big, toothless jaws, massive eye sockets, and large skulls. They are not much higher than 130 cm.

Each skeleton has a stone disk that is around 30 cm in diameter and is etched with enigmatic symbols as an adornment on the neck.

The writing on the discs was decrypted by Chinese scholar Toum Um Nuem in 1962. It recounted the history of the Dropa tribe, the last of which was located in 1947 by the English explorer Caryl Robin-Evans.

According to the “chronicle” carved into the stone, the Dropa originated on a planet near to Sirius. The first people from that planet came to Earth some 20,000 years ago, and the most recent arrivals were in 1014 AD. As a result of their spacecraft exploding on their last journey, they were unable to return.

German archaeologist Walter von Moltke saw the “alien cave” a few years ago. He made the assumption that the cave burial may have been a long-forgotten dropa cemetery where they had long since interred their dead.

Out of the total of 716 skeletons, 12 had smaller skulls and larger eye sockets than the rest. There are visible marks of a laser operation on one of their legs. They were most likely among the first individuals to be born on another planet, the colonists.

The Dropa tribe was exterminated, according to knowledge that was handed down to us. On the other hand, villagers in a Chinese hamlet informed researchers of strange occurrences. Actually, they don’t stand much taller than 115 cm.

This was first ascribed to outside factors. But lately, ufologists have proposed a fairly amazing theory about the origins of the dwarf race. Local folklore claims that aliens emerged from an airship that crashed some 12,000 years ago. According to academics, indigenous people who are undersized are the children of interspecies unions between humans and extraterrestrials.

Archaeologists discovered an elderly man’s bones while digging the High Grave mound in the Kherson area in the summer of 1972. The skeleton had a bizarre appearance, with limbs that were unusually lengthy and a humpback.

For whatever reason, the dead guy was buried on a cart with seven wheels. The remains of old highways were likely depicted by the ray-faults that emanated from the tomb. As there are 12 months in a year, there were 12 of them. Since the dawn of time, people have believed that the numbers 7 and 12 had magical properties.

The mound must thus be used as an observatory, the archaeologists reasoned. But who utilized it in reality? By the way, who is this old guy with the hunchback and the lengthy limbs? Maybe it’s simply another space traveler.

On the banks of the Algyi River, local nomads claim that a “iron hole” may be found deep into the legendary Yakut Valley of Death (Elyuyu Cherkechekh). The chambers of the tunnel are filled with warm metal objects, including a large red pot with a jagged edge.

The nomads also saw several strangely dressed deceased individuals who were “extremely emaciated, with black skin, one-eyed, and in iron garb.” The corpses were preserved and seemed to be mummified.

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