Eyewitnesses were scared by the appearance of a Blue Orb over New Hampshire (VIDEO)

As you can see by the description, this latest image appeared from nowhere earlier this year on the Internet, and since it was first uploaded, analysts have attempted to understand its presence.

The photograph depicts what seems to be a huge blue sphere in the atmosphere, protruding into the clouds with its bright luminescence.

The photo was taken from Merrimack, New Hampshire, and across it, experts have attempted to demonstrate that aliens are possible and that what we’re staring at here is probably a UFO after all. Since the initial photographer was not the biggest supporter of conspiracy theories, he wanted to approach the NH1 News Channel in hopes of obtaining a response that would justify his finding.

However, this scheme ended up backfiring, since their explanation did not make any sense, to say the least. They said that this was all simply a refraction of the light that appears as the clouds and the sun obstruct each other at about the same moment. So, he switched to UFO Sightings Hotspot, sending them exactly the same image. They claimed that this could only be the result of a UFO-retracted lens flare. They also brought strong evidence to back up their discovery in the form of a video NASA took back on June 11th, in which you can see the same UFO lens flare from outer space. The same lens flare was spotted in Ontario, Canada, and Alta, and Utah, too. They’re studying us, and that’s a matter of fact.


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