Moon Partial Eclipse: Strange Anomaly Seen on Moon: Ancient Pyramids?

Since more than a century ago, strange objects like clouds, mists, and lights have been spotted on the Moon. But as the Apollo program continued, knowledgeable people began to persuade us that the Moon had died.

According to the notion, just a small fraction of the 140,000 photographs of the Moon’s surface have been made public. People believed that the first human landing on the Moon in the late 1960s marked the beginning of several missions and investigations into our silver companion. However, other crewed spacecraft didn’t take off until 1972.


The expeditions came to an abrupt and unexplained end. There are still three more prepared ships that have not sailed. The United States sent an unmanned spacecraft to the moon in 1995, and it was equipped with electronic scanning technology. However, NASA was not to blame; rather, it was the US Army. She sent thousands of pictures to Earth, but nobody ever saw them.

There has been an abundance of information gathered over the past few decades about the moon, so much so that it can be asserted without exaggeration that there is someone or something there. And that’s not the end of it. On the moon, there is flora, atmosphere, and water. These long-established realities are only now being acknowledged by scientists. The sudden shift in the Russians’ and Americans’ initial pleasure at the Moon has many of us now wondering why. As though they had been instructed to go back to the Moon…

A highly curious person named George Leonard has taken authorized NASA images and published his results. The advanced underground culture “improves” the Moon’s surface and actively participates in mining operations, but the government is disguising this information. 35 images from the NASA collection are included in a book that Leonard made. a list of all the images, together with their accession numbers,

Leonard discovered a wide variety of “monthly activities” that, when they take place, can only be assigned to extraterrestrial intelligence. Along with the photographs, the book also includes a NASA document tower that has testimonies from scientists and discussions between astronauts and the Houston control center.

By the decade’s conclusion in the 1970s, all signs pointed to the impending arrival of substantial evidence. They haven’t yet been made accessible though. The spectator is instead inundated with unimportant pictures.

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