UFO Crashing Into The Ocean Sparks A Lot Of 911 Calls In Hawaii

While the sky above Hawaii looks like it is straight out of a fairytale book, those fairytale skies have taken a bad turn. Multiple witnesses who saw something strange in Oahu’s sky gave multiple accounts. Residents dialed 911 after witnessing a mysterious blue object hovering over Oahu.

A huge, shimmering mass appeared in the sky around 8:30 p.m. and was captured on film as the mass gently moved through the sky. Moriah, a woman from Hawaii, was one of the witnesses. She told a local television station (Hawaii News Now), that although she didn’t believe in UFOs, she was so fascinated by what she saw that her family decided to investigate.

A brief overview:

Witnesses saw an unusual flying object above Leeward Oahu on Tuesday. This prompted them to call 911.

The sighting took place at 8:30 p.m.

There are many films that show what appears to be an oblong bright object in the sky or on the ocean.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, there were no accidents or mishaps in the area at that time. However, witnesses claimed that they saw a large blue object fall from the sky into the ocean.

One video shows a woman saying, “Something’s in the sky.” “What exactly is it?”

Misitina Sape stated to Hawaii News Now that the photo was taken near Haleakala Avenue Nanakuli at 8.26 p.m.

Moriah, a woman from Moriah, noticed the exact same item flying over Princess Kahanu Estates shortly after.

The following is an eyewitness account:

“I looked up and was like oh s***!” She explained. “Because all of them were in the garage, I began phoning my husband to get their contact information.” Hehe, that’s what I thought. Take a look. To see what I see, check out the video. “Yea!” All of them exclaimed, “Yea!”

Moriah, 38, is a local woman who says that she has never believed in UFOs but that the bright blue object caught their attention enough to drive off and chase it. She said:

“I don’t know what it was,” she stated. “This one flew by.”

The expedition ended less than three miles from its beginning. They came to an abrupt halt at the Board of Water Supply facility on Farrington Highway after the item appeared to have fallen into the water.

Moriah might be heard saying it in one of her videos.

“It landed on the water,” says the narrator. Whatever the case,

She stated that it was approximately the same size of a telephone pole.

Moriah said, “We called 911 to have one officer or another come out and check them out.”

Moriah claims they saw a second sun when officers were on the spot.

“My husband looked up, and saw the white one approach,” she said. “The white one was smaller than the other. Followed in the footsteps the blue one.”

The object was lost to them after it passed over a neighboring mountain. On Thursday morning, we asked Honolulu police if they knew what was in the sea. We were informed by a spokesperson that they don’t have any information. Ian Gregor, FAA spokesman, stated that they received a call on Tuesday night from police about a suspected jet down in the area, but “no aircraft went off radars.” There have been no reports of missing or late planes.

Moriah said that even though she had a few days to reflect on it, she is still puzzled by what she saw.

She laughed, and then added, “To the day, I don’t understand.” “I would love to know if people can figure it out, you know?”

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