The Age of the Great Pyramids in Giza Continues to Shock Everyone

The Great Pyramids in Giza have survived the test of time and continue to amaze people. This article is going to explore some of their most intriguing facts.

For thousands of years, the Great Pyramids have been a magnificent monument, showing off their beauty and significance to all. But now, archaeologists are discovering that they may not be as old as they first thought.

The Great Pyramids were built by the pharaoh Khufu (Cheops) in the Old Kingdom period. Recently, researchers have discovered evidence that there is a watery canal that runs from the Nile River to Khufu’s pyramid from an even older time. They believe that this canal was used as part of an “Old Kingdom landscape and ritual” during this time period for religious ceremonies. This would make sense because, at this time, pyramid building was at its peak. .The Great Pyramids in Egypt Date back to around 2500 BC.

In 2007, a study of the pyramids revealed that they were built by thousands of people, not just one. It is also possible that only one person was in charge of building them. Not just one person but thousands of people were involved in building the pyramids

The age of these pyramids continues to shock everyone for many reasons including how long ago they were constructed and what methods were used to build them- but now we know more about their history than ever before! Read on to find out the fascinating history of Egypt’s pyramids!

The construction of the Great Pyramids was never ending since the civilization appreciated its beauty. It’s the last wonder of the seven wonders of the world, yet until now, people are still figuring out how the Egyptians built this wonder.

There were three pyramids on the plateau of Giza, which were for the three rules named Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu. There were also small pyramids and tombs in the area, yet some historians didn’t believe Egyptians could build these monuments.

The proof at Giza continues to stand. Egyptians did not build the pyramids, and people were certain about it. They also didn’t build the sphinx, another ancient monument ruined by massive water erosion.

According to experienced geologists, they think that the water erosion evident on the sphinx took how many years of rain, and we’re talking about thousands of years, which was somewhere in the last tropical age of Egypt. Experts even say it might even take further than that. As you see, the monument of the sphinx now, it’s very old.

Related to the Great Pyramids, a book talks about the remains of the second sphinx. Malcolm Hutton and Gerry Cannon, the two historians and authors of the book, shared their suspicions regarding the probability of the second sphinx after they studied the sphinxes’ depictions in old Egyptian art. This art displays two sphinxes, a female and a male.

The first civilization that built the pyramids was believed to reside in the city of Atlantis before they left the country to avoid cataclysm. These historians believe that Egypt is part of the Atlantic Empire with this theory. When Atlantis sank, as per Cannon, the old civilization went to Egypt by an underground way that led from Atlantis to Egypt.

According to the experts, whoever built the Great Pyramids had the technology we don’t have today.

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