A tower-shaped flying object hovering above the Kremlin in Moscow raises suspicions that it is an alien flying saucer.

The Telegraph today reported that the strange object is comparable to the Imperial ship in the Star Wars movie. This flying object appeared at the same time a mysterious spiral-shaped column of light shone in the sky of Norway.

Image of UFO flying over Red Square

Some witnesses said the cone-shaped object hovered over Red Square for many hours and could have a diameter of nearly 1.5 km.

The clip recording the above cone was played over and over on Russian television. The clip was filmed at night from inside a car.

Nick Pope, a former expert on unidentified flying objects for the Russian Ministry of Defense, said the two videos above were the strangest UFO videos he had ever seen. Pope added that at first he thought it was a reflection, but then it appeared to be moving behind the power line, so that assumption was rejected.

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