Discover many forgotten ancient civilizations below, scientists say, it is possible that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago.

Vinca Civilization The Vinca
Civilization (5,000-3,500 BC) also known as the Danube Valley Civilization) is the world’s earliest writing civilization, with about 700 characters, most of which can be found. in the form of carvings on ceramic. Vinca’s farming system made it one of the most developed Neolithic cultures known to man.

Relics of the Vinca civilization.

Evidence of the Vinca civilization is found along the banks of the Danube, predating the great civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. The Danube is the longest river in the European Union today, the second longest on the European continent.

It originates in the Black Forest of Germany, and flows southeast through central and eastern Europe to the Black Sea. The river has been a route of transportation and commerce since the dawn of history, serving for centuries as the northern border of much of the Roman Empire.
The first archaeological evidence was discovered in 1908 at the Belo Brdo hill near Belgrade. Archaeologists also found bronze tools, dating back about 1,000 years before it was widespread in Europe.

In a cemetery near Varna, the “Varna Gold Store” has been discovered about 6,500 years old, it may be the oldest goldsmith in the world, creating strange masks that posterity has not seen. I got it.

According to many researchers, it is possible that the Vinca people carved statues simulating aliens who visited Earth thousands of years ago. From here it is speculated about the existence of aliens and their interactions with ancient civilizations in the past.

Many ancient statues have strange faces, oval heads, large bulging eyes, long narrow noses that cover a small mouth without lips. A lot of research, many artifacts have been found, but until now it is not known why the Vinca civilization disappeared, but one thing is for sure, the Vinca people are masters of knowledge and innovation. .

Norte Chico Civilization
To date, very little is known about the pre-Columbian society of Peru, which is considered the oldest civilization in the Americas. There are still many monumental structures, including pyramids and the remains of complex irrigation systems…

To date, 6 pyramids have been discovered, including the largest pyramid named Piramide Mayor. Although not as complex as the Inca architecture, the pyramids of Norte Chico are still monumental and complex structures.

The Norte Chico civilization (3500-1800 BC) also known as the Caral or Caral-Supe civilization contains many mysteries.

Norte Chico’s circular ancient square.

Norte Chico is a pre-Columbian society, consisting of more than 30 major population centers, the capital is the city of Caral in the Supe valley with an area of ​​​​over 626 hectares, in the Andes.

Caral is called a sacred land by the Norte Chico people due to the concentration of many religious works. The Norte Chico civilization flourished from the 4th to the 2nd millennium BC with the birth of the first city at Huaricanga, Fortaleza and lasted until the depression in 1800 BC.

Nineveh civilization Nineveh
civilization (6000 – 612 BC), now the land of Mosul in Iraq, is one of the oldest, greatest civilizations in the world. Nineveh was devastated by a series of earthquakes, which destroyed the first temple of Ishtar, however, the city continued to grow.

King Sennacherib decided to choose Nineveh as the capital of the Assyrian Empire, building a great wall with 15 gates around it and other structures such as parks, canals, bridges and an 80-room palace. Some scholars believe that the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon at Nineveh were built by this king.

Ruins of the Nineveh Civilization.

In addition to the above-mentioned architectures, there is also a huge library in Nineveh, containing more than 30,000 clay tablets depicting images of patterns and data, one of the famous architectures of that time.

One of the most unusual tablets found here tells of a great flood that engulfed the world and a man who survived by building a boat and releasing a dove in search of dry land. The version of the story Noah’s Ark, mentioned in chapters 6 through 9 of the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

The text describes how Noah built this ark according to God’s will to save him and his family and the animals from being destroyed by God’s cataclysmic punishment. This is an epic poem written in 1800 BC, 1,000 years before it was included in the Hebrew Bible.

Much of the content of the Nineveh library is currently preserved in the British Library’s archives. A royal feud in 627 BC led to the fall of the Assyrian Empire, and in 612 BC, Nineveh was burned down by a combined force of Persians, Babylonians, and others. Then these people divided and occupied each area, causing the structures of the Nineveh civilization to be lost and ruined.

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