The incident of the UFO carrying the message “You must change or you will be gone forever” that crashed in North Yorkshire 60 years ago has been rediscovered in the archives of the London Science Museum. Is this really a flying saucer from another space?

A UFO image containing a bronze book inside appeared in the village of Silpho on December 9, 1957. (Photo:

The story of the flying saucer appearing in the village of Silpho on 9/12/1957 was widely spread after the Yorkshire Post newspaper reported the incident.

The flying saucer was discovered when Scarborough businessman Frank Dickenson and two friends were driving up Reasty Hill, near the village of Silpho. They stopped when they suddenly saw a glowing object in the sky that appeared to be about to make landfall in the Borax forest.

Mr. Dickenson had seen a metal flying saucer on a fern. But after he returned with his friend it was gone.

Because he wanted to discover the object, he published an announcement in the newspaper in Scarborough about its acquisition. He ended up buying some of the pieces for £10.

When the metal shard was cut open, the businessman found a small book in the form of 17 pieces of copper foil, which contained about 2,000 hieroglyphs.

Scarborough cafe owner Philip Longbottom studied this flying saucer and confirmed that it was sent to Earth by a mysterious alien named Ulo with a warning message: “You have to change. or will disappear forever.” Similar hieroglyphs were also found on the wreckage of a UFO believed to have crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in June 1947.

UFO Silpho has a diameter of 45 cm, weighs about 15 kg. For the past half century, UFO enthusiasts have speculated about the fate of this missing flying saucer. And now, several fragments of this UFO have been discovered in a cigarette case stored at the London Science Museum.

The “remnants” of the Silpho flying object were sent to London for examination in 1963. It consisted of a shell made of plastic and metal, a hollow copper tube and a bronze book discovered inside the disc. fly.

Part of the UFO Silpho was sent to the London Science Museum.

However, Gordon Claringbull, staff member specializing in meteorites and explosives at the Natural History Museum, believes that these metal fragments were all created on Earth.

According to a February 2018 BBC article, tests conducted at the University of Manchester at the time the UFOs were found revealed that the fragments contained unusually high purity lead and copper. While the flying saucer is not exposed to high temperatures, it cannot come from space.

However, General Lord Dowding, who led the Royal Air Force during World War II, believed that the Silpho was actually a flying saucer from space, after he studied it in 1958.

So far, there has been no official conclusion on whether the Silpho flying saucer is from another planet. But it has been considered one of the most famous stories in the world about UFOs.

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