This photo is considered the most spectacular image of flying saucers ever recorded. It was taken when a disk-shaped “spaceship” was hovering above the photographers…

The image below is of a UFO believed to be an alien spacecraft. (Photo: Ancient Code)

This photo was revealed to the public by ufologist Malcolm Robinson at the 70th Annual Conference on Modern UFOs in Hull, England. According to many, this is one of the most detailed UFO images ever taken on our planet.

Malcolm Robinson is the founder of the Scotland-based Center for Strange Phenomenology (SPI) and has been exploring UFO-related phenomena since the 1980s. He also agrees that this photo is a good one. The best UFO he’s ever seen.

Speaking to the audience at the conference in Hull, England, Mr. Robinson said: “Two men were taking pictures of the refinery in Grangemouth, central Scotland at night, when they saw a mysterious object. hidden far away from them. Then suddenly the UFO flew towards them.

“This red orb flew directly towards them and was about 60-90 meters above the head when a person took a photo. We checked around and there wasn’t anything else in the area at the time. It’s good that we got this photo. Is this the proof of flying saucers?”

Many believe that this photo shows the underside of an alien spacecraft. The photo was sent to Robinson in 1991.

In the article accompanying the photo sent to SPI, the photographer wrote the following:

“My friend and I were taking pictures at the BP chemical plant in Grangemouth when we saw one or two dimly lit columns flickering near the Kincardine Bridge. We have observed this object. At first we thought it was a helicopter, it flew slowly from Kincardine Bridge to Grangemouth Stadium.

We watched it hover for about 5 minutes. We then noticed that this “airplane” made no noise at all. Normally, if it is a helicopter, we will hear the sound coming from the propeller. The object then circled and stopped right above where we were.

From a height of more than 600m, the object descended and rapidly accelerated. In the photo, it is located about 60 – 90m away from us. Then we also heard the humming of the object. My friend and I were quite scared at the time, but then it turned to excitement.”

“This object has a concave bottom, with many flashes of light shooting out into the night sky, creating a sort of halo-like effect,” added Mr. Robinson.

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