According to David Huggins, at the age of 17, he had “relationship” with aliens. As a result of the relationship, he had dozens of children of mixed blood. This thrilling story captures the attention of the public.

Born in rural Georgia, USA in 1944, artist David Huggins made headlines when he revealed his relationship with aliens in a documentary about himself titled “Love and Saucers”.

According to Mr. Huggins, he met aliens for the first time since he was 8 years old.

At the age of 17, he met an alien woman named Crescent. The two fell in love and had regular meetings.

Mr. Huggins described Crescent as an alien with a beautiful, lovely body, very long nails, extremely large eyes and a pale face.

The result of Mr. Huggins’ unusual relationship with his lover Crescent were dozens of human-alien children.

From this particular experience, Mr. Huggins has been drawing several pictures of alien encounters since 1987.

His paintings attract the attention of many people, especially those who believe in the existence of aliens.

Mr. Huggins also revealed that the alien children do not live with him because they follow their mother.

Before Mr. Huggins’ story, many people thought that the incident was not real because aliens have not been scientifically proven to exist.

Therefore, many people consider Mr. Huggins’ experience with aliens to be fictional.

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