Australian biologists think life on other planets could be short-lived and go extinct quickly.

In a study aimed at understanding how life evolved, scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) found that new life forms often die due to erratic hot and cold conditions on young planets.

“The universe could be full of planets favorable to life and aliens,” quoted Dr. Aditya Chopra from ANU’s School of Earth Sciences, lead author of the published study. January 1 in the journal Astrobiology.

Aliens may have been extinct before being discovered by humans. (Photo: Space).

“Early life was fragile, and rarely evolved fast enough to survive. Most of the environments on early planets were unstable. To create a planet favorable for survival, life forms had to be. need to regulate greenhouse gases as well as water and carbon dioxide to maintain a stable surface temperature,” Chopra said.

About 4 billion years ago, Earth, Venus, and Mars could all have been favorable for life. However, after a million years of formation, Venus became too hot while Mars became too cold.

If it ever existed, early microbial life on Venus and Mars could not have stabilized the rapidly changing environment, said Charley Lineweaver, associate professor at ANU’s Institute of Planetary Sciences. “Life on Earth plays a leading role in stabilizing the climate,” Lineweaver said.

Dr. Chopra emphasizes their hypothesis helps solve a difficult problem to explain. “The reason we haven’t found any traces of extraterrestrials has nothing to do with the possibility of an origin of life or intelligence. It has more to do with the biological coordination of the cycles on the surface. face of the planet,” concluded Chopra.

Rocky planets with the materials and energies needed for life could be common in the universe. However, scientists found no signs of extraterrestrial life. “Most of the fossils in the universe come from extinct microbial life, not from multicellular organisms like dinosaurs or humans, which took billions of years to evolve,” Lineweaver said.

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