From a scientific and logical point of view, aliens are not like what people imagine and see in movies.

Hollywood always exaggerates what happens in reality, typically little blue friends from a distant planet in space they call Alien. These Aliens are always ugly, big, slimy and belligerent. But they, like humans, must obey the laws of nature.

Here are the characteristics of aliens from the perspective of scientists.

1. Making war
One trait that has brought humans to dominate the planet over many other evolutionary species is aggression.

Whichever stronger species takes over a habitat to thrive, that species will continue to adapt to evolve. Extraterrestrials hardly have enough time to master our diverse and harsh environment.

Alien will come to Earth but may not want a bloody war

A University of Missouri paper shows the fact that Aliens who migrated to our planet, if they evolved, are smarter than us, then in their eyes humans are like a resource, like like how humans look at domestic animals and the environment around them. And of course, humans are not wise enough to perceive their presence.

2. Discover

Irish coming to Earth because of abundant water is a possibility

Any form of life that comes to Earth is basically to be discovered first.

Finding new civilizations, humans will also explore and learn their resources. Just like how Columbus discovered America, Marco Polo discovered the East Indies or the Vikings discovered Europe.

People of the future also want to explore new lands

According to astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, Aliens are likely to seek out other planets to colonize or exploit resources there.

They will not come to destroy us, but most likely they will find ways to exploit what is beneficial in the technological race with other civilizations, this is also a trend of the developing species.

3. Viruses and Viruses
Aliens have never been exposed to bacteria on Earth and probably won’t have immunity to some of the mildest human diseases.

Just look at the invading pilgrims, how smallpox and typhus have decimated them in the many wars of human history.

However, the possibility that bacteria and viruses have been naturally selected to cause disease in certain organisms, limited by specific types of DNA, cannot be ruled out.

Rarely, for example, diseases in animals can be transmitted to humans and vice versa. So the Aliens can invade the Earth without being completely immune to many human diseases.

4. Don’t eat people
A scary thought is that Alien will keep us captive for meat. But that is unlikely with a race high-tech enough for space travel, which has certainly minimized the nutritional needs of living things.

A trip for hundreds of years can’t raise livestock to eat, but it will have to have a sustainable food production plan over time.

Moreover, the digestive systems of organisms whose evolutionary levels are too far apart will not allow digestion with the proteins and nutrients found on strange planets.

5. Infinite killing ability
How many people have ever moved to a new house and discovered that insects, flies and mosquitoes have invaded the whole house before. How many of us will smack each of us with sticks or use poison spray to kill them all in a matter of minutes?

Aliens too, they are advanced species, will be willing to use technology to their advantage to wipe out life on the planet they want to use for their own purposes.

Forget about flying saucers in the sky and shoot lasers like in the movies. In real life, they have a way to make humans evaporate in the blink of an eye.

6. Can’t have giant insects
Many people imagine Alien as the shape of insects on Earth, but that’s ridiculous. It was the fear of insects that implanted this thought in their heads more than the fear of flying saucers shooting lasers.

In fact, the insect body structure only works well when it is small in size. There is not enough oxygen in the blood for them to grow larger.

In prehistoric times, when the air was abundant with oxygen, insects and reptiles grew to incredible sizes, but insects alone reached just over 1 meter.

Images of giant cockroaches and insects crushing houses will never appear on Earth.

7. Doesn’t take on human form

Common in movies, aliens are very human-like except for the silver or blue paint on their skin, Star Trek is the best example. Humans are unique and valuable products on Earth because they have evolved to adapt.

We stand upright to observe further, 5-fingered hand with opposite thumb for easy manipulation, better climbing on trees. But surely every planet has trees and Aliens don’t need to climb trees like humans, the shape can’t be like us.

There’s no way of knowing exactly what the aliens looked like, but they certainly had developed skulls and the ability to hunt. They also develop sensory organs and must have basic senses: mouth, eyes, ears, feet to move.

8. Language and writing
A developed civilization must communicate. Like humans, Aliens will exchange complex theories and take notes to pass on to the next generation through learning. Without language, the written word could not escape its personal confines.

But how do two distinct species understand each other? Depending on their habitat, the sound waves may not be the same as on Earth. It is also possible that they will use vibrational waves through a special sense, even as Hollywood wants us to believe, they communicate telepathically. It has not been proven but in the future may be the result of some technological device.

Animorphs creature from the Animorphs series that communicates telepathically

9. No super power

Aliens will not be as standard and sublime as the movie

Aliens can’t have super powers. When they reached the level of technological proficiency necessary for space exploration, they abandoned the violent intentions, muscular strength from thousands of years ago. They would have evolved to use energy and muscle to a minimum.

Consuming large amounts of energy requires a larger body and requires more nutrition, which is contrary to progressive evolution.

Despite its small form, Alien can still take advantage of technology to travel to distant planets

A progressive culture does not require influencing its surroundings on its own. They have enough tools to increase their stamina or movement speed

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