Three unidentified flying object research organizations MUFON, KUFOS and FUFOR have announced a call to join the international initiative, which calls for the governments of the world’s leading countries, first of all the US, to open up secret alien data, so that humanity, finally know that we are not alone in the universe .

Broken flying saucer

The document was published in the press called the Rosvell Declaration, because it was in the very small place Rosvell nearly half a century ago that a cosmic catastrophe occurred. At that time, in the desert of the American Southwest, there was a clash, which could significantly affect the fate of mankind. This was announced by the military, but then they denied it themselves.

(Photo: BBC)

In early July 1947 a farmer named Mac Brazel, who lived in New-Mexico, went out in the early morning to check on his sheep after a nighttime thunderstorm. He discovered unusual fragments.

Their length must have been hundreds of meters, they had made regular grooves on the ground and were lying around in great numbers. Brazel picked up a few pieces, intended to show the neighbors and give them to Sheriff Jorjo Vipcocs.

The sheriff contacted the air base in Rosvell. When they arrived at the scene, the military pushed all the police out, surrounded the area in a dense circle and took away everything found there.

They flew the pieces back to Rosvell, then used B-29s and S-54s to deliver them to a location in Ohio.
At the base at Rosvell at that time was the 509th bomber regiment, equipped with atomic bombs for the first time. On the morning of July 8, 1947, the regiment commander Colonel William Blankhard ordered the press to report that the parts of the “broken saucer” had been discovered.

That same day more than 30 American afternoon newspapers published this announcement in the shocking news section. A few hours later, from the office of General Rojer Romey, commander of the 8th Airborne Brigade stationed at Vort in Tezas, more than 700 km away from the crash site of the UFO, came a second announcement.

The statement said that the incident was exaggerated, that in fact Colonel Blankhard had committed “unbelievably foolishness”, by indiscriminately accepting the normal hot air balloon on his radar as parts of the disc’s fuselage. plane crashed.

It is quite clear that one of these two press statements is not true.

Who is the witness?

Those who have worked with William Blankhard and know him well have confirmed that he is a serious man and a man of the job, not some idiot, as was said of him during the announcement period. Monday.

Had he not been completely convinced of: The tragic and unbelievable event that happened with the broken flying saucer, he would never have made such an announcement to the press.

William Blankhard’s entire later career path confirmed the accuracy of his conclusions: he later rose to the rank of four-star general and deputy chief of staff of the US Air Force.

The first witness who participated in the study was the counterintelligence lieutenant colonel of the 509th bomber regiment in Rosvell- Joze Marsel.

He was a skilled, highly respected specialist and was one of the first two officers present at the scene of the accident. In an interview in 1979, Marsel firmly stated: “It’s not a hot air balloon.”

Regarding the material found, he remarked: “It doesn’t catch fire… It’s not nearly as heavy, and it’s not much thicker than the metal foil wrapped in cigarettes. When I tried to bend it, it didn’t bend. At that time we used an 8 kg hammer to punch a hole in it with no success, the material was not affected.”

Strange creature face. (Photo UFO log, VTC)

It’s hard to imagine a man as trained and qualified as Joze Marsel, in addition to being the counterintelligence officer of the only air regiment in the world at the time to have an atomic bomb on his site. Otherwise, you may mistake a meteorological balloon for a flying saucer. And not just on the radar screen, but then on the ground.

His conclusion led to only one thing: “These shell remnants are of non-Earth origin.”

The expertise of this witness could not be doubted, because later, along with the performance of a series of important state duties, he participated in the preparation of the secret report on the first atomic explosion in the Soviet Union. Shove.

This report was directly on the desk of US President Truman.

It was only in 1992 that the real cause of the second announcement in the military press, the annulment of the first, was revealed.

Before his death, General Tomas de Bose confessed that in 1947 at the airbase of the 8th Brigade in Texas he personally received orders by telephone from General Klemens Macmillan from Washington about the need to conceal the fact. “Flying saucer”.

In the directive to General Romey it was suggested to devise “reasons to cover up this matter, to get the press to leave us”.

In 1990, even General Artur E. Ecxon – in 1947 he was only a lieutenant and had participated in the testing of broken flying saucer material at the Ohio State laboratory also began to speak. According to him, every possible test has been carried out: chemical analyses, severing, bending, compressing, pressing… All those who participated in these tests unanimously arrived. concluded that this material came to Earth from space.

Strange corpse

Glenn Dennis was a corpse handler who still lives in the suburbs of Rosvell. As a respected businessman and engaged in social work, he has his own opinion and is not inclined to fabrications. Previously, as a young man Glenn worked at the morgue and disposed of corpses. This facility already has a contract with the US Air Force to assist with the disposal of corpses.

Even before he learned about the secrets of the broken flying saucer, from the air unit the officer specializing in burial matters called him and asked: to preserve the dead bodies in the following conditions. What is the best outdoor atmospheric conditions for the past few days?

That afternoon Glenn went to the unit’s military hospital for something. By the side door from the opposite side of the building he saw two military personnel of the laboratory. They were carrying certain foreign objects, with strange symbols on their surfaces.

As soon as he entered the military hospital, he immediately met a nurse he knew. He was about to talk to her for a while, but at that moment he was discovered by the military police and kicked out of the building.

The next day Glenn met the nurse in town. She had told Glenn what had happened in the military hospital. Originally a calm and calm religious person, at that time she almost had a nervous breakdown.

She said she was ordered to assist two doctors, who were handling several small, non-human objects. She saw: one object was in good condition, the others were broken up, so that anatomical differences could be discerned from humans.

She even sketched on the tissue what the individual body parts of these creatures would look like. Glenn could no longer see her, and two days later she was urgently sent to work in England.

Secret at all costs

The main part of the flying saucer crashed near Brazel’s farm. But, as was later determined, military researchers found a further half far away. According to witnesses, strange objects were also detected at that location. Most witnesses so far still feel fear of punishment from the authorities.

Not only Glenn Dennis, but others were also threatened with corporal punishment. According to family members of the police chief Vipcocs, on these events Vipcocs warned his wife, that he and the whole family would die if he tried to tell what he saw at any time. when.

The military held Mac Brazel for a week and only released him, after he swore to secrecy. He did not tell his family about the broken flying saucer again in his life.

The military took from him everything he had picked up at the accident site and wanted to show it to the neighbors. A few months later they also confiscated the small pieces of flying saucers that his son had found and gathered them in the field.

More rays of light

Further illuminating this whole story are documents released by the Belgian Ministry of Defense in 1991. These are radar evidence of two Belgian Air Force F-16 fighters, ordered to track the object. unspecified flight.

Add to that the data of 4 military radars on the ground, tracking alien spacecraft. As well as many statements by citizens and police.

At that time the radar of the Belgian airbase recorded the unidentified flying object. F-16 fighter-interceptors took off. When the aircraft approached the flying object, it suddenly accelerated and quickly escaped the pursuing planes. The foreign object moves at an unprecedented speed.

According to NATO General Vilfred de Brover, no pilot in the world can withstand the overload that occurs when traveling at such speed. Belgian experts from NATO believe that the object is clearly of extraterrestrial origin.

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