Is the war between aliens and Earthlings real? Let’s review the records on Chinese armor bone text.

People have always wondered about the existence of aliens.

The mystery of aliens is always a hot topic of the world at the moment. Information about aliens in science fiction works and newspapers is often inaccurate. What is surprising is that, the earliest records of aliens are in Chinese bone armor, besides there are many records of aliens visiting in the books. Ancient books, on stone, wall in China.

Strange information on Armor of Bone Text.

The researchers have discovered strange information in the “Armor Bone Text” unearthed in China and Siberia, combined with local myths handed down from ancient times, the researchers reported. came to a shocking conclusion:

Aliens landed from the sky and invaded northern China, and treated the Chinese people and animals as slaves, thus waging a 300-year war with humans!

Painting on Ha Lan rocky mountain

Aliens appeared as early as 7000 years ago in paintings in Ha Lan rocky mountains. Based on the records of the social life of the clan in pictures, it can be seen that the aliens wear round helmets, wearing thick and tight travel suits, similar to our travelers. Currently, the scariest thing is a painting on lava located in the eastern ravine of Ningxia region, south of Ha Lan mountain.

The upper left corner of the picture shows two circular flying saucers, at the door of the flying saucer, a person wearing a “travel suit” is gently stepping down, people and animals on the ground are running scared. scattered. This can be a vivid record of the time when aliens appeared in Ha Lan mountain.

Aliens in rock paintings in Ha Lan mountain. (Image: Wikipedia)

A spaceship-like object appeared in the reign of King Yao

In the book “Ten Di Diaries” of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, it is recorded: Four thousand years ago during the reign of King Yao, there was an object like a very large spaceship floating in the sky of the West Sea. The hull glows, the motion is gentle. The people on the ship wore hats, all white feathers, no wings but still could fly in the air.

Qin Shi Huang once met aliens

The novel about strange things “The Ten Diaries” of the Eastern Jin Dynasty records that Qin Shi Huang once met aliens, they sat on a spiral ship, the ship was shaped like a sea snail, and could even dive. deep into the water, the water does not penetrate the ship, the train runs very fast, somewhat similar to modern submarines.

These aliens are ten feet tall, wearing clothes made of animal feathers. The two sides discussed the time when heaven and earth were formed, the aliens described in great detail, as if they had witnessed it with their own eyes. In the evening, they used the light from the corn to illuminate, moreover, extremely bright, Qin Shi Huang called them “fairies”.

Chicken-headed monster

In the book “Song History of the Five Elements” it is recorded that: In the sixth year of the Can Dao Dynasty of the Song Dynasty, a strange person appeared on the embankment of Xi’an, with the head of a chicken and the body of a human, flying down from the sky. , exchange objects and interact with local people. Some experts believe that it could be an alien wearing a chicken head-shaped helmet.

Martians in blue

Can Bao’s book “The Book of Gods” by Jin Bao once described the story of the Martians. This story takes place in the Wu country during the Three Kingdoms period. At the moment when a group of children were playing, in the middle suddenly appeared a strange-shaped child, four meters tall, wearing blue clothes, two glowing eyes.

The other children immediately gathered around to ask, the boy in blue just said one sentence “Three Cong Quy Vu Tu Ma” and then threw himself into the sky, dragging a white silk strip behind him. As a result, that statement came true, and later Sima Yan unified the three countries. This story becomes a gossip when idle or during meals, but this story also makes us think of the painting of flying people in Dunhuang.

Can Bao’s book “The Book of Gods” by Jin Bao once described the story of the Martians. (Photo: Internet)

Hunting for aliens

In “The Five Elements” it is recorded that, in the third month of the twelfth year of Kangxi, a story of alien hunting happened. At that time, someone saw a black-faced person flying down from the sky, emitting a red light, extremely brilliant, like a fire in the sky. When the dispatchers, the government officials heard the news and ran, that person was nowhere to be seen.

“The history of the sage. Tai Chi” records that the other alien has taken the informant away. In July of the third Ung Chinh year, at Lieu Gia Duong in Linh Xuyen, a group of people went to the mountains to cut bamboo. Suddenly disappeared again, more than 140 days later, for some reason, he appeared in the house, but he talked with no head and no tail, strange and confusing.

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