Humanity has been and is constantly searching for extraterrestrial civilizations. And at the same time, there were a few people who reported that they were abducted by aliens, but fortunately survived.
The story of being abducted by aliens

Of course, so far, there has not been any tangible evidence to prove that someone has been captured and put on an alien spaceship. However, the stories of some witnesses who claimed to have been abducted by aliens were really curious and attracted the attention of the public.

The alien abduction 40 years ago still haunts Travis Walton to this day. (Photo:

One of such “victims” is Travis Walton. Mr. Walton said that he is still haunted by the incident that happened to him 40 years ago, when he was a 22-year-old woodcutter, one day he was beaten until he lost consciousness and when he woke up. found themselves in the midst of the aliens on their ship.

The incident happened on November 5, 1975, after a day of hard work in the Sitgreaves National Forest near Heber, Arizona, USA. Mr. Walton and six other woodworkers were on their way home when they suddenly saw a shiny, 12-meter-diameter flying saucer flying through the air.

Mr. Walton said of his sudden encounter with the flying saucer: “It was a metal saucer, shining brightly and making some very strange sounds. The closer we got to it, the more we got to it. The more I got scared and my colleagues yelled at me to stay away from it.As I got very close, it suddenly got louder and started to move.

I jumped out of my cover and then sprinted towards the truck. At that moment, a surge of energy hit me and I just felt dizzy, numb all over. But later, my colleagues recounted that the terrifying energy threw me 3 – 6m high in the air. Then I fell to the ground in such a way that they were immediately sure I was killed and they ran away.”

Walton first told his unusual story in a book titled “Walton’s Experience”, published in 1978 and later adapted into the 1993 film “Flames in the Sky”. His work was recently reflected in a documentary titled “Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton”.

Mr Walton has revealed horrifying details about his experience in the hands of many “non-human” creatures, as well as his feelings of suffocation and fear that he was about to die.

“When I was first able to focus on everything when I woke up, I was still lying on the table. As soon as I saw a face and knew it wasn’t human, I tried to push it away from me. . They were much smaller than me and I think that’s why they gave up. Once they found out they couldn’t control me, they left. I was really scared.”

Mr. Walton was declared missing for 5 days. Around that time, his colleagues began to suspect a set-up. When Walton finally reappeared, unknown for how long he had disappeared, a large-scale investigation took place, including numerous psycho-physiological tests and polygraph tests.

In the new documentary, he also mentions some little-known details that happened after the incident, including the research that helped detect the unusual growth rate of trees in the forest where the incident occurred.

“About 15 years later, it was discovered that the trees that grew closest to the UFOs were producing wood grain 85 times faster than they had 85 years earlier. More recently, a sampling the full core revealed, the tree only grew thicker towards or in the path of the flying saucer.”

Mr. Walton said that there is growing scientific evidence of the possibility of extraterrestrial life, partly helping to vindicate him and those who claim to have encountered extraterrestrial beings.

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