The existence and appearance of UFOs has always been an unsolved mysterious phenomenon. There have been many events in history that have raised suspicions about UFO visits.

The mysterious phenomenon of the existence and visit of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) has raised doubts about the existence of extraterrestrial life and the visit of aliens to the earth. In it, there are a number of outstanding events, making the belief about aliens growing.

London- 2011
In the summer of 2011, there were mysterious circles in the sky of London. There are many photos and videos that capture this mysterious scene.

The 2011 UFO event in London is an unsolved mystery. (Illustration)

Authorities did not provide any explanation, and Londoners speculated that their capital may have been visited by UFOs.

Turkey – 2008
A man in the Turkish capital Ankara sent a report to the authorities that he had seen UFOs appearing for several months in a row. This man also has a lot of video tapes that record UFO images.

Many clips have recorded this mysterious phenomenon in Turkey in 2008. (Illustration)

But so far the Turkish government has not once released these videos.

Belgium wave -1989/1990
In Belgium, there was an event that was said to have been visited by UFOs twice. One was in November 1989, and April 1990. The country’s military radar recorded the detection of a bright, triangular, black object that appeared on the screen shortly after it disappeared.

The streak of light in the sky is said to be a mysterious phenomenon about the appearance of UFOs. (Illustration)

A large-scale investigation, to track down the whereabouts of a relatively suspicious object, but to no avail. To this day, it remains the biggest unsolved mystery of this country’s military.

SaoPaulo – 1986
In 1986, military radars detected a suspicious flying object in the sky over the city of SaoPaulo – Brazil. Then the fighter jets were called to the place where the suspicious object was found, but they did not find any trace.

The mysterious phenomenon has the appearance of light trails that make people think of UFOs. (Illustration)

Authorities believe it is just debris from the Salyut-7 space station, but the public believes it to be a UFO.

Texas – 1957
At about 11 p.m. that night in the town of Levelland, Texas, police received 15 phone calls from local residents reporting a mysterious object in the sky.

In a statement from the Associated Press, one of the witnesses, a 30-year-old Korean farmer and veteran, described the objects as a flash of light flying through the air at a speed as fast as the wind. , and said it stopped his truck’s lights and engine. Another witness described it as an airplane that was green and shaped like an egg. It suddenly turned into a ball of fire before soaring high and disappearing.

Cascade Mountains – 1947
Another case on June 24, 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold flew over the Cascade Mountains in search of a crashed C-46. Arnold never found the missing plane, but he discovered something very strange. As he flew, a bright flash shone brightly into his cockpit.

Arnold panicked, fearing that he carelessly collided with another plane. But then he saw a flash of light to his left. Looking in that direction, Arnold spotted nine giant circular flying objects. These objects fly very fast, Arnold estimates up to 2,000km/h. In the blink of an eye, the flying saucers disappeared completely in the sky to Arnold’s astonishment.

Although no one has yet to confirm whether UFOs really exist, researchers believe that, one day, they will have more information about UFOs and aliens.

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