A British scientist claims to have discovered aliens at an altitude of more than 40 km in the stratosphere.
Professor Milton Wainwright of the University of Sheffield said the alien was discovered in the stratosphere, the furthest distance any creature has ever been found outside of Earth. Test results show that they are six times larger than the size limit of a particle that can rise from Earth at this altitude.

Milton Wainwright believes that the microorganisms he found came from space. (Photo: AP)

“We released balloons with a sampler high up, but no pollen or grass was detected, nothing contaminates, and the air is completely pristine. These organisms have a definite structure and are unrelated to each other. related to living things on Earth,” Express quoted Wainwright as saying. Creatures make small bumps on the sampler and that’s why he believes they come from space.

Professor Wainwright’s statement was revealed after a student published a letter announcing the discovery on Reddit. Previously, Wainwright claimed to have discovered microorganisms, possibly a type of microalgae, at an altitude of 26 km above Earth’s level in 2013.

While many scientists think that the evidence is not convincing enough, others say that Wainwright is completely wrong. But if proven authentic, his discovery could change what people know about the origin of life on Earth.

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