The video recording the scene of a black strange object appearing in the cloud was posted on Youtube by a group of Mysterious Channels from Mexico and has received great attention from netizens.
The Mysterious Channel is a group of Mexicans who love mysteries. This group often collects and posts mysterious and controversial videos. A man claims to have captured the moment an alien plane appeared in the sky over Peru. This video was later uploaded to Youtube by the Mysterious Channel group and attracted mixed opinions.

A black strange object appeared in the cloud, making many people think of an alien flying boat

“It’s amazing, if this is true, we’re not alone in space. A man filming has accidentally captured the scene of a mysterious object resembling the mother spacecraft appearing behind the clouds in the sky over Peru. Before that, some people in Peru had recorded the sight of white flying objects appearing in the sky,” the Mysterious Channel wrote.

Many people claim that this is an alien aircraft, and some even compare this strange object to the aircraft in the US space epic series “Star Wars”.

“It could be a strange object from the future to collect or prevent something evil that is happening so as not to endanger the future,” – commented network user Luis Antonio Marrega. However, the majority of internet users confirmed that the above video was cut, staged or a strange object on just a cloud.

The Mysterious Channel video shows a group of Mexicans who love mysteries:

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