American physicist James Benford has made a sensational claim that asteroids orbiting Earth constantly in outer space could be alien spacecraft to observe our planet.

According to this expert, creatures of extraterrestrial civilizations may have sent space probes to search for life in the universe. Some of these craft can detect life on Earth and linger in solar orbit to constantly observe Earth.

Are alien asteroids spying on us?

The scientist shared his thoughts in an article published in the Astronomical Journal, asking alien hunters to closely examine Near-Earth Objects (NEOs).

Benford’s colleagues, who agree with his comments on the study, note that the physicist is unlikely to be right, but that in the future, his assumption will most likely be easily verified experimentally. economic.

Alien spaceship / Image credit: Daily Express

Interestingly, in the past, scientists have looked into the possibility that an asteroid could be an alien spy ship. To date, the only known space object that has entered the solar system from the outside is the asteroid 1I/Oumuamua.

Scientists tested whether Oumuamua was an artificial radio source, but this assumption has not been verified. Then another group of scientists tried to approach the problem from a slightly different angle – experts studied all the known properties of Oumuamua and tried to distinguish them from the problems. inexplicable at first.

Dr. Benford’s theory can be compared to the Zoo hypothesis, in which aliens are treating us as beasts kept in cages that are giant super-Earths.

The Fermi Paradox states that the universe is old enough to sustain many civilizations, and some of them may even be more advanced than ours. If that’s true then why don’t we meet?

Many scientists put forward the idea that once civilization reaches the advanced age, they will eventually commit suicide by means of advanced weapons or through war. Or, maybe, there is simply no life beyond Earth.

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