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One of the most famous paranormal journalists and UFO expert—Jaime Maussan—considered that the five mummies discovered in June 2017 were alien in nature and appeared to be “in the shape of a human.” closer to a reptile instead of a human,” according to Ancient Code.

5 strange mummies were found in Peru in June 2017 (Photo: Ancient code)

Talking in an interview with RT Español news agency, this UFO expert said:
“Based on scientific evidence, we have confirmed the existence of a creature from another world. Before it was a possibility, now it is a fact.”

X-ray image of the creature’s mummy (Image: Ancient code)

Video showing mummified creatures at a conference in Lima, Peru:

The “alien” mummy is said to be about 1,700 years old and about 170 cm long, with three fingers on each hand and an elongated skull.
However, there are also many people who have expressed doubts about the feasibility of Mr. Maussan’s statement. Some even called his research “an organized irresponsible disinformation campaign”.

When asked about the authenticity of the discovery, and whether it was possible it was just misleading information, Mr. Maussan replied:

“So far no one has proven this is a hoax. We will present preliminary evidence to substantiate this finding, in the presence of the media and the public. And if there is doubt about the authenticity of this find, it is everyone’s responsibility to preserve these bodies until the truth is found.”

Is this a race of aliens that came to Earth thousands of years ago? (Photo: VietQ)

This discovery excited many people but also raised concerns for many others. Up to this point, the claim that these mummies are of “alien” origin remains a hypothesis. Russian researcher and professor Konstantin Korotkov from the National Research University in St. Petersburg, a member of the discovery team, did not fully agree that the mummy was alien in nature.

“Clearly this is not a fake; it could be a mutant or a species that is fundamentally different from us. This is the main question that we cannot answer at the moment,” said Professor Korotkov.
This mummy may “belong to one of the human races that inhabited our planet thousands of years ago and then disappeared from the Earth due to natural disasters”.

According to him, the most important thing at this stage is “to compare the genes of the mummy with the genes of other people”.

“From the results obtained, we will know clearly whether this is a mutation of our species, or of another species. At the moment, we cannot draw further conclusions,” Korotkov said.

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