Unidentified flying object or satellite? A strange red sphere has appeared on Earth through the International Space Station’s recording lens

Those interested in UFOs while flocking to the International Space Station seem to have noticed a “giant red ball” emitting a “laser beam” (NASA taken from youtube).

UFO enthusiasts flocking to the International Space Station seem to have noticed a “giant red sphere” emitting a “laser beam.”

The videos were recorded on December 5. “It is not clear whether this object (man-made or extraterrestrial) shoots the beam towards an object in space or Earth.”, the information above. a news blog.

The footage was captured around 09:20am UK time, as shown below:

One person speculated on YouTube that it was a “laser beam fired from a ground control satellite.”

This is not the first time that people have claimed to have spotted UFOs on footage from the International Space Station (ISS).

A few days ago, a gray streak was recorded through the ISS camera on Earth.

According to the UFO Observation Daily, a YouTuber saw “a large object, but I think it is much closer than we thought. That object has a speed that matches the speed of the space station as if it were completely following it.”

A gray “UFO” (circled in red) was spotted on ISS footage a few weeks ago (NASA).

The video was recorded by the space station last month. The size and shape of the gray-white object has not been determined.

And in October, a mysterious object appeared in footage from the ISS during an astronaut’s spacewalk.

The Mirror notes read, “For about five seconds, a mysterious flying object – it was probably hovering or in flight – was seen against a black background. It appeared in the camera frame between the space station and Earth – which was completely dark just a few seconds ago.”

At the time, flight engineers Reid Wiseman of NASA and Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency were walking in space.
There is speculation that gray subject matter may be just lens flare.

The video footage can be seen below:

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