Zecharia Sitchin (Russian: Захария Ситчин; Azerbaijani: Zaxariya Sitçin) (July 11, 1920 – October 9, 2010) was an Azerbaijani-American author of a series of books that offer explanations of her origins. Humanity is related to the ancient aliens.

Sitchin suggested that the ancient Sumerian culture (Mesopotamia) was created from the Anunnaki, an advanced being from the planet most distant in the solar system, after Neptune, called Nibiru. He believed that the planet Nibiru had an orbital period of 3,600 years around the sun, and asserted that Sumerian mythology contained this point.

Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 25 languages. Sitchin’s hypothesis has been challenged by scientists and scholars. His work has been criticized for the methodological error and mistranslation of the ancient text as well as for its inaccurate astronomical and scientific claims. – According to Wiki

Note: Formerly the 9th planet was Pluto (formerly known as Pluto). However, in August 2006, the planet was reconsidered and with factors of mass, diameter and light reflectivity too low compared to the other 8 planets, Pluto was excluded from the list. List of planets of the Solar System. So officially in the solar system there are only 8 planets.

This article references Sitchin’s book, so his theory remains that there are 9 planets, so Nibiru is called the 10th planet.

Who is Anunnaki?

In ancient texts, Anunnaki is often mentioned to refer to a group of deities, a name derived from the names of heaven and earth. Anu and Ki are other interpretations of “royal blood” or “royal descendants” . Some people believe that the Anunnaki are the sons and daughters of heaven and earth.

However, the most controversial theory is that they are the ancestors that created the Mesopotamian civilization (the Euphrates and Tigris river deltas – Middle East). Also according to this theory, extraterrestrial beings are the authors of the outstanding inventions of the time, coming from the planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X (Planet X).

Sumerian statues showing the Anunnaki are said to have snake or reptilian heads.

Sumerian and Anunaki culture

In Zecharia Sitchin’s book, he claims that the ancient Sumerian civilization (Sumer: “people from heaven” 😉 was created by the Anunnaki, a being from an extraterrestrial place, the planet Nibiru, Neptune is ranked after the farthest planet in the solar system.

He also theorized that this was a planet in the process of extinction, and that the creatures traveled to Earth in search of gold, which they used to make materials that could save the dying atmosphere. slowly on their planet.

According to the author Sitchin’s theory, Anunnaki is a creature from the 10th planet in our Solar System. They settled on earth 432,000 years ago in the region of Mesopotamia, (Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran today) with the purpose of mining gold minerals on earth. About 250,000 years ago, according to recovered documents, miners rebelled against the poor conditions at the mining sites.

The High Anunnaki Council decided to create a new creature to serve as their mining slave. Enki the head of science and Ninhursag the chair of the biology committee crossed the genes of Anunnaki and the animal Erectus Homo to create the human race. Because of being a hybrid animal, humans were originally incapable of reproduction. But due to the need for more slaves, Anunnaki genetically modified so that humans could maintain and develop the race.

It is thought that the evolution of human beings was the intervention of Anunnaki

Some time later, humans have evolved greatly, some escaping the city centers of Anunnaki and living all over the world. Human development is beyond Anunnaki’s control. This is unacceptable to the Anunnaki High Council. They passed a directive to create some natural disasters such as floods in order to wipe out the population of the species they had built up around 12,500 years ago.

Some Anunnaki were saved by powerful figures like Enki, who was instrumental in creating genetics in the human race.

For the next thousands of years, humans were used by the Anunnaki as slaves, workers, and soldiers to fight the political conflicts within the Anunnaki. Humans were also the slaves who built temples, palaces, and astronomical stations on continents from Egypt, India to Central America at their request.

Ancient Sumerian reliefs depicting the Anunnaki

About 6000 years ago, people started to have their own civilization and it was time for them to return to their planet according to the 3,600 year cycle of the planet Nibiru. Summer, the Mesopotamian civilization was born under the supervision of the Anunnaki.

The Kings are elites chosen and empowered by them to carry out the Anunnaki missions. This is also a race of humans that carry their superior genes. The kings and their descendants were trained by them with advanced education in technology, mathematics, astronomy, etc. And man began an independent life of his own.

What evidence supports Sitchin’s hypothesis?

Astronomical evidence

The theoretical foundation of the author Zecharia Sitchin is the planet Nabuki, so is there a 10th planet in the Solar System?, Anunnaki’s hometown, in terms of size, properties and characteristics as Sitchin described. describe?

An illustration of the event that the planet Nibiru collided with Tiamat, creating the earth

Going back in history, Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930. Christie, of the US Naval Observatory discovered Charon, Pluto’s moon in 1978.

The properties of Pluto’s impact on the lunar orbit of Charon demonstrate that there must still be one more large planet to be discovered. Pluto cannot be the author of the causes of the oscillations, the well-confirmed “wobbles” of the orbits of Uranus and Neptune.

IRAS – infrared astronomical satellites made observations to find the 10th planet aggressively in the years 83-84, as one astronomer involved in the project said “all that remains is to be prepared was looking for a name for it” .

In 1992, Harrington and Van Flandern of the Naval Observatory said that with the information they had, the 10th planet existed, they even called it an “intruder” .

After reading the translation of the Enûma Eliš, an ancient Sumerian text found in Mesopotamia, Harrington invited Sitchin, to a meeting in his office to compare the results of his observations. There are current and astronomical records of ancient texts.

The recovered ancient text Enûma Eliš also provides a wealth of information about our solar system. At a time when Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn are in orbit, there is another Uranus-sized planet between Jupiter and Saturn named is Tiamat.

The Earth is not yet in the Solar System.

Nibiru is now a large “roaming” planet .sucked into the orbit of the Solar System. Because it comes from beyond the solar system, it causes disturbances that affect the orbits of satellites of existing planets. The Uranus axis is tilted to one side. Pluto drifted out of Saturn’s orbit and revolved around a new orbit of its own. The force of gravity also bends Nibiru’s path causing collisions. Its moon first collided with the large planet Tiamat, and then itself collided with this planet, the largest fragment of which formed the present-day Earth, and the intruder’s satellite also became moon of our planet. Large debris forms the asteroid belt (asteroid belt) and asteroids, comets roam the solar system. The Pacific Rim is believed to be the scar left after this collision event.

Thus, Nibiru officially joins the ranks of brother planets revolving around the sun, and its orbital period is 3,600 years compared to Earth’s only 365 days (365.2564).

However, its orbit is opposite that of all the other planets, passing through the belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter at the closest point (to the sun) and the furthest point of Pluto. pure.

Sun · Mercury · Venus · Earth · Mars · Ceres · Jupiter · Saturn · Uranus · Neptune · Pluto · Haumea · Makemake · Eris (From left to right)

Basically the information that Harrington has is consistent with what is indicated in the ancient text. The position of planet X (Nibiru) in their view is unified.

Proof of technology

Oopart is a term used to describe artifacts, toys, tools, technical equipment and documents with outstanding features compared to their age found through excavations.

For example, an ancient vase that used to function as a battery in ancient times was found in the Iraqi desert dating back to 2500 BC, Models of airplanes, spacecraft, helicopters … in Ancient Egyptian tombs, the 1000-ton monoliths that were precisely cut to build the Pyramids is still a big question for scientists and archaeologists today. The pinnacle of oopart is David Hudson’s most recent discovery, “monoatomic gold” (a room-temperature superconductor that has anti-gravity properties and is currently being studied by the senior physics committee. ).

Hudson’s discovery seems to coincide with earlier Sitchin’s argument that the Anunnaki came to our planet to mine gold and use it to save their planet Nibiru. This also helped Gardner unravel the mysteries of the Anunnaki gold-processing factories atop Mount Horeb, discovered by Sir Flinders Petrie in 1889, suggesting that “monoatomic gold” had been known before at least 3,000 years. five.

In addition, ooparts from many disciplines along with various records also show that there was an advanced civilization that existed at some time, they possessed a high level of technology, and that can only be the Anunnaki civilization.

The spaceship statue was redrawn by Sitchin (with the missing head added) from the original

Pictures of airplanes, spaceships, helicopters found in Egyptian tombs

Ancient Mayan statues, shaped like today’s astronauts

Documentary evidence

Historical documents documenting the existence and activities of the Anunnaki only began to be discovered in the early 1800s.

Clay tablets, records of the Sumerians

Excavation of archaeological sites in Mesopotamia has revealed an amazingly advanced Sumerian civilization, far beyond human understanding of antiquity, whose thousands of clay tablets record not only records of trade, marriage, and military activities, but also astronomical accounts of the advanced astronomical sciences of the Anunnaki.

Apparently the Sumerians knew that the aliens were creatures of flesh and blood. One of the most impressive recent finds is a sealed 1.8 x 2.7 meter room at Sippar that contains a set of 400 clay tablets neatly stacked on a shelf, fully stocked. information about ancient human history in chronological order.

The evidence is overwhelming and strong, if no one has better counterarguments, it will be accepted as a fact, views about antiquity are quite different from what we know.

Genetic evidence

Recovered documents show that Anunnaki’s laboratories were located at the site of gold mines in eastern Central Africa.

This site falls right into the heart, where the search comes from the first mitochondrial DNA of “Eva”, or Homo Sapiens (evolved hominids) around the same time (European gold mining engineers) Phi found a 100,000-year-old gold mine here).

The evidence and descriptions of advanced genetic engineering are in the ancient literature. Human evolution took place in just 250,000 years, much faster than other species on earth that took millions of years such as Homo Electus (a group of species in the Human family that once existed about 1.8-3 million years ago). year BC, discovered on the island of Java by Eugène Dubois in 1891.) before us.

As some thinkers point out, we are completely anomalous and different from other animals on earth. Of course, many scientists have rejected the arguments of Zecharia Sitchin and his supporters. However, all these controversies still fail to provide completely convincing counter-evidence. That we will look at in another article.

You can learn more about the Anunnaki and their history through a video interview with Michael Tellinger, who is often referred to as an expert on Annuaki research.

Clips about Anunnuaki theory

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