The big world has no shortage of wonders! We all know that the four great ancient civilized nations are the origin of human civilization, namely ancient Babylon, ancient Egypt, ancient India and China. To study the history and formation of human civilization, scientists can only through archaeological excavations, in the process have discovered a lot of artifacts and historical sites that make people people today are amazed.

Are bicycles and cell phones brought to earth by aliens? (Image: Pixabay)

The advent of the Internet today makes the speed of news spread faster and faster. Some netizens have discovered a strange thing, that some high-tech products have now appeared in the artifacts discovered by archaeologists. Could it be that in history there were really people who traveled through time and space? Why are these ancient artifacts so similar to modern high-tech products?

Through the photo, it can be clearly seen that this is a mobile phone, two are very similar, one is a Nokia phone, the other is an artifact unearthed in Austria, 800 years ago. On this artifact there are clear buttons, almost similar to a Nokia phone. Some experts believe that these high-tech products are brought to Earth by aliens, including a mobile phone similar to this Nokia product.

(Photo: Pinterest)

A strange flying object that easily flew through the explosions of shells, was unharmed against armor-piercing bullets as well as emitting an orange light that stunned American soldiers and left many health sequelae until the very end. nowadays.

Before writing appeared, ancient people recorded events that happened in life with simple drawings. After passing and developing for generations, writing gradually appeared.

In an ancient Egyptian temple, scientists discovered preserved frescoes, all of which are quite abstract. They noticed that there was a drawing that resembled a modern helicopter, as well as some drawings of submarines and cars. These means of transport were clearly invented by modern society, why did they appear in ancient Egyptian frescoes?

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Some scientists speculate that the ancient Egyptians of that time saw the helicopters with their own eyes, and there was a certain contact, otherwise they would not have recorded it in the frescoes.

It is also said that this is evidence of time travel, someone who popularized the knowledge of helicopters to the ancient Egyptians of the time. Some have suggested that the fresco came first, the helicopter second, possibly simply a coincidence.

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The emergence of bicycles as a means of transportation has created more favorable conditions for people’s lives, now there are many cities that have begun to propose friendly tourism, the rate of bicycle use is extremely high. The first bicycle was invented 200 years ago, also in the 19th century.
However, the shape of a bicycle has been found in sculpture in an Indian temple, This temple has a history of more than 2000 years. How did people at that time know the existence of bicycles? There are many examples of similarities between ancient artifacts and modern high-tech products like this, they are considered evidence of space-time travel, some believe they are masterpieces. created by aliens. What do you think about this?

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