UFO hunter Scott C. Waring recently released a video claiming to have discovered an alien robot up to 16m high in top-secret Area 51 (USA) on Google Earth. The video was posted in the context of the US Senate pressuring the Aerial Unidentified Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) to publish UFO findings.

Discovered 16m tall aliens in the top secret “Area 51” (USA) on Google Earth.

On September 21, The Sun reported, Scott C. Waring – UFO hunter (unidentified flying object) claimed to have discovered a 16m high alien robot in Area 51 of the US – a place considered holy Mecca for those interested in learning about extraterrestrial life.

“Guess? Today when I was searching on Google Earth, I came across something really strange ,” Waring wrote on his ufosightingdaily blog, adding that “I found a 16-meter-long shadowy figure in Area 51 and there seems to be another silhouette to the right of it, but shorter.

“When I went through previous photos of that place, I noticed that the image actually moved, then its posture changed through each photo! It really moves ,” Mr. Waring continued.

UFO hunters also discovered a strange shape lurking in various buildings at this top-secret base. The exact coordinates that Mr. Waring discovered are 37°13’26.26″ North 115°49’2.37″West on the Google Earth platform.

He then theorized that the robot was made by aliens, captured by the US military, and is being explored for possible use in missions, according to tmz.

Through the images that Mr. Waring found from the top-secret “Area 51” , there are interesting structures, with machines, even a baseball field in the mysterious military area of ​​​​the army. America. At the same time, they explain why this military zone has been the source of many alien theories over the years.

(Original Caption) Rachel, Nevada: Near secret U.S. military installation, Area 51. (Photo by mark peterson/Corbis via Getty Images)

Area 51, the US military secret zone. (Image: Getty Images)

While many experts suggest that UFO hunter images can be interpreted as pareidolia – making people think they’re seeing objects or something that doesn’t actually exist, many videos have recorded it. get reliable UFO images this year. 

In addition, in June, the US Department of Defense and President Trump actively discussed a topic that has long been hidden by governments: Aliens and UFOs. In addition, the US Senate is also pressuring the Aerial Unidentified Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) to publish UFO findings. 

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