There is evidence that Nikola Tesla – one of the greatest scientists and scientific inventors in the world, a man who created the foundation for today’s scientific technology, had contact with other aliens.

Accordingly, in the process of testing one of his inventions, Tesla discovered strange radio waves coming from outside the earth.

Specifically, he overheard communication from intelligent beings that may have come from another planet, although he did not know anything about their language or what they were trying to say. But I feel that I can tacitly understand them. Tesla said. After this event, the inventor became so obsessed that he had to design more powerful radio receivers.

Renowned biographer Tim R. Swartz says there may be a connection between the future inventor and intelligent aliens, according to his autobiographical book “The Lost Papers of Nikola Tesla: HAARP – Chemtrails and Secrets of Alternative 4′.

The theory in this autobiography not only highlights the mysteries surrounding Tesla, but much of it also records personal documents and important notes that it was once confiscated by the US government.

Many people think that Nikola Tesla’s inventions can jeopardize the interests of mankind’s aerospace industry.

While testing the device, Swartz said in an interview, scientist Nikola Tesla listened to radio signals that he believed were actually sent by extraterrestrial communications. He even claimed to have heard signals similar to the voices of people talking to each other.

At the time, prominent scientists suggested that Mars could be a haven for intelligent life in our solar system, and Tesla at first thought that these signals might be coming from the planet. red. Although Tesla’s most prominent personal records are in the hands of the US Army, Swartz claims to have purchased several of Nikola Tesla’s personal records at a 1976 auction.

The author asserts that all this information was hidden after the visit of the suspects in the mysterious event “Men in Black” (Tesla).

According to National Geographic, a large portion of Tesla’s archives were released by the government, but most of them were later turned over to his family, and many have put it in the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, which opened in September. 1950s. But some of Tesla’s key papers are still owned by the US government and are highly classified.

Nikola Tesla has made innovative discoveries such as wireless radio receivers, turbine engines, helicopters, fluorescent and neon lights, torpedoes and unique X-ray technology.

“The mysterious radio wave changes that I have noticed occur periodically with the number and order of occurrence, which may be due to some mysterious dominant cause, because natural phenomena such as electromagnetic disturbances caused by the sun, ultraviolet rays, and the Earth’s electric field are all too familiar to me”. – Tesla said.

“The nature of my experiments ruled out the possibility that the occurrence of mysterious, voiceless signals was due to disturbances in the atmosphere, as has been unfoundedly asserted by some such as before.

I spent some time after that, and did a lot of research and thought I could intelligently control these phenomena.”

“Although I can’t decipher the mysterious radio signals or voices, I think it’s a coincidence. That feeling can be like a greeting from some friend from an unknown planet” – (Excerpt from Nikola Tesla’s Lost Diary).

In fact, according to Physics- Physics- Physics, Nikola Tesla has concluded that the mysterious signals originate from aliens, or at least it is their attempt to contact humans on Earth. .

Not only that, Nikola Tesla has repeatedly stated that he has intercepted signals from intelligent beings from another distant world.

Tesla points out that even the simplest traditional forms of radio communication by telephone can be derived from the technology of advanced extraterrestrial beings.

Although Tesla’s talent is undeniable, some question whether his mind is delusional. What Tesla really cares about is that throughout his life, he devoted himself to developing technology to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence.

It was extremely shocking and no one believed until once Nikola Tesla detected a strange signal.

As far back as 1896, Tesla believed that a version of his famous wireless transmitter could be used to communicate with intelligent beings on other planets.

In the summer of 1899, while working in his laboratory in Colorado Springs, Tesla believed he had observed a series of codes in cosmic radio signals, which he interpreted as signs of living things. intelligence originating from within our solar system.

Tesla insists we are not alone in this universe (Image: Pinterest)

Similar to Tesla, interestingly in 1970, LG Lawrence (director of Ecola Academy) revealed a communication with extraterrestrial beings:

“On October 29, 1971 … while conducting Remote Biological Sensing (RBS) experiments in Riverside County, CA, Hodowanec’s organic probe device intercepted a segment of the intelligent signal transmission originating from the constellation Ursa Major during a short break.

This phenomenon happened for more than 33 minutes. “A similar phenomenon was observed on April 10, 1972… The signals were clear, then waning, appearing in series of 3 to 10 minutes…

“By 1988, Hodowanec said that he had detected three pulses (S-codes) that split in time, in which the equivalent codes E, N, A, or K, were also heard, and the longest were the SE code is recorded through noise detector. This scientific story continues to provide more convincing evidence for Tesla.

In an interview with Mr. Telsa at the age of 75, he said: “There is nothing more important than communicating with aliens. This will definitely happen someday in the future. In that world, there are many people working, living, suffering and struggling just like us. We are not alone in this vast universe”

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