UFOs have been seen on the moon and have been observed for centuries, but there is no scientific explanation that has been unified into a common convention or generally accepted. 

The majority of UFO sightings on the Moon have occurred over the past centuries and also in the years after the first humans were put on the Moon. (Image: Pixabay)

Just as recent reports of UFO sightings on Earth appear daily, quite a few similar cases have been witnessed and recorded on our Moon satellite.
In fact, there are more than 580 strange objects and events, highlighted in a special NASA secret catalog. Over the past 4 centuries, these strange objects and events have been observed, but there is no generally accepted scientific explanation to this day.

The majority of UFO sightings on the Moon have occurred over the past centuries and also in the years after the first humans were put on the Moon. And here are some cases of UFO sightings on the Moon of particular interest during the short period before and during the spacecraft landing on the Moon.

Of course, these images have not been confirmed by NASA, any agency or any government but they have been acknowledged by witnesses who are astronomers and astronauts as they carry out the mission.

UFO sightings on the Moon sorted by time

1964 – Two UFO observations on the Moon
On May 18, 1964, American astronomers Harris and Cross observed a bright spot moving at 32km/h across the surface of the Sun. moon for a total time of 1 hour 15 minutes.

That same year, on June 21, Harris, Cross and Heland detected a dark object traveling at a variable speed of 32 to 80 km/h south of Ross Crater.

UFOs were seen twice at two completely different times on the Moon, but no scientific explanation has been publicly released by the agencies.

1967 – UFO sightings in the Tranquility Sea on the Moon On
September 11, 1967 , observers in Montreal discovered a body in the Tranquility Sea that looked like Mare Tranquillitatis in Latin. a box with purple light at the edges.
The body was no longer visible as it approached the line of motion that divided the day and night, and after 14 minutes, for a split second, a yellow light erupted around the crater of Sabin. 20 days later, a new UFO was observed on the Moon, a bright spot was seen moving at approximately 80km/h in the same place.

1968 – UFO observations at Aristarchus crater on the Moon
In 1968, American scientists noticed that three red bright spots merged into one at the Aristarchus crater area. At the same time, Japanese astronomers observed a pink spot covering the southern part of the crater.

After that, two red stripes and one blue stripe, 8 km wide, 50 km long, appeared in the crater. Notably, they are clearly visible during the full moon, when the surface of the Moon is flooded with blinding sunlight, when observing the bright spots with a telescope is most difficult.

1969 – Apollo 11 UFO observations on the Moon
In the summer of 1969, Apollo 11 landed about 100 km from the Sabin Crater. Astronauts admit that they have not only seen UFOs on the Moon, but also witnessed extremely strange things. The ground at the landing site was melted, but not because of the module’s engine installed on the moon.

Professor T. Gald made the conclusion based on samples obtained on the moon, which not less than 100 thousand years ago was irradiated with a strong energy. The duration of the impact lasts from 10 to 100 seconds. The unknown energy source is close enough to the surface of the moon, as the scorched area is not large. Apparently the melt wasn’t the result of a meteorite, because there’s no crater around.

We also note the fact that, when American astronauts first set foot on the moon, they noticed traces of chains near the landing site. Not to mention the following years, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, one of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, admitted that he had seen a lot of UFOs during flight and while on the surface of the Moon.

And then another strange thing is, the measurement complex brought to the moon by the Apollo 11 spacecraft suddenly turned itself off, then reactivated and then worked better. Batteries for power stations operate automatically as if someone had recharged them regularly.

The Apollo 11 mission has clearly brought about changes not only to our understanding of the universe, about moon satellites, but also to potential extraterrestrial life countless times over. observed as above.

Since 1969, the number of UFO sightings on the Moon and Earth has increased so much that it is hard to call it a coincidence. Astronomers believe that, with their current capabilities, they have far more interesting observational targets.

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