Some studies by scientists have shown that the octopus has no similarities with other animals on Earth, raising the question “is this animal really from extraterrestrial?” .

From time immemorial, both at home and abroad, there have always been unsolved mysteries about the existence of aliens. With the development of science and technology, humanity always has speculations, fantasies and discoveries about aliens as well as alien civilizations. Even on Earth, there are a few animals that science can hardly explain, for example, UFOs have been identified as alien flying objects.

With the development of modern science and technology, we can even fly into space but still can’t find any clues about aliens. But this still does not stop people from discovering them.

On March 13, 2018, the journal “Physiology and Molecular Biology” published an article titled “Causes of Cambrian Explosions” written by 33 scientists. In the article there is a shocking information: Octopus may be an alien creature and came to Earth with a comet about 570 million years ago.

This is not the first time someone has made such a point. But there are more than 30 scientists speaking up, which makes many people skeptical: “We can even eat octopus. Are alien creatures so weak?”.

The first question is, why are the octopuses in question inherently absent on earth? How is it different from other earthly creatures?

After scientists conducted research and surveys, it was discovered that octopuses have up to “9 brains”. This unique neural structure makes it even more powerful. Like humans, octopuses have a brain as a nerve center, but this brain only stores 10% of the nerve cells in its entire body.

In other words, its brain is not very smart. So where is the remaining 90%? As it turns out, 30% of neurons are located in the optic nerve lobes, and the remaining 60% are in eight tentacles, the equivalent of a human hand and foot.

This is very scary, the 8 tentacles of the octopus all have wisdom. These tentacles are not controlled by the brain, but have its own control nerve. That’s why octopus tentacles are as flexible as humans, and even superior in some respects.

Another confusing thing is that octopuses have up to 3 hearts distributed in different parts of the body, which also have different functions. The octopus has a lot of legs and the addition of countless tentacles makes it even more impressive.

The distribution of neurons in the octopus also makes the memory of the eight antennae amazing. Many studies have shown that octopuses have a certain ability to think and often take advantage of terrain or the carcasses of other creatures to camouflage.

Of course, these are not enough to make people suspect the octopus is an alien creature. Scientists examined the octopus’s genes and discovered that the octopus has 33,638 protein codes, far more than the human figure of 21,000. This leaves one in doubt.

However, octopuses cannot pose a threat to humans. The octopus is not only because it is an invertebrate mollusk that can be eaten but also because of its “naughty RNA”.

Unlike humans, octopus RNA does not transcribe all DNA (transcription is the process of synthesizing RNA from a DNA template). In other words, the octopus’s RNA would shuffle by 60%, leading to an end result that wasn’t what the octopus brain wanted.

As a result, octopuses can be very flexible, but evolve relatively slowly. So for many years, the octopus has remained in the same form. But slow evolution in general represents simple, relatively contradictory genetic conditions, so scientists cannot explain this phenomenon, suspecting the octopus is an alien creature.

Interestingly, in sci-fi movies made in recent years, people often take the image of an alien creature that resembles an octopus. For example, in the 1898 sci-fi documentary “War of the Worlds,” Martians were depicted as creatures similar to octopuses. In 2016, in “Mysterious Landing” there were also 8 tentacle alien creatures like octopus.

Of course, until now this is still speculation and there is no clear evidence that the octopus is an alien creature. Whether this can be recognized or not still has to wait for the results of research and observations from scientists.

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