A strange cylindrical object flew past the International Space Station (ISS), the image was accidentally recorded by a camera placed in orbit, leading many experts to speculate that it could be a UFO in space.

Some people believe that UFOs were caught near the ISS

Whether aliens exist out there or not is still a mystery to mankind, scientists are still scouring the Universe for signs of life. However, some conspiracy theorists believe that extraterrestrials are much closer to us than we think.

One of the so-called UFO hunters, Scott C Waring, believes he has seen a UFO near the ISS. In the video posted by YouTuber CR 2.0, a strange object was captured by the ISS. The object in question has a long cylindrical shape and is dark in color. Mr Waring said the object was undeniable proof of aliens and that their modern technology has led to many extraterrestrial activities. He told his UFO Sightings Daily page: “The object really comes into focus when there’s bright sunlight in the background, showing us its true form. The UFO has been repeatedly targeted by the Space Station. detection base for more than a decade. Today the camera is considered the right hand of UFO researchers. We can be in many parts of the world at the same time. Therefore, the chances of catching a UFO are large. much more.

Has UFO really been detected?

However, the object in question could be a space rock. In addition, scientists who have worked for NASA have a much simpler explanation for these alleged UFO sightings near the ISS. According to former NASA engineer James Oberg, most UFO sightings are most likely just “space buckets” floating in front of the camera. These dandruff spots can be anything: chipped paint chips drifting in zero gravity, pieces of ice or broken ISS insulation. Mr Oberg said: “I’ve had enough real-life space travel experience to realize that what’s seen in many of the videos is nothing out of the ordinary, it’s simply set in a non-conventional context. often.”

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