Paula Smith, 50, from Bradford, says aliens took her on a UFO and showed her extraterrestrial technology.

“All I can do is carry on as usual, or else I’ll go crazy,” Paula said

A woman in Bradford says she’s been abducted by aliens more than 50 times – and she has proof to back it up.

Paula Smith claims the first meeting took place when she was a little girl. She said that the aliens have continued since then.

The 50-year-old has shared pictures of the bruises she says are aliens left on her body after each abduction.

In addition, she also drew a picture of an alien to show what they would look like.

Paula describes the appearance of an alien

Paula said: “I’ve been through 52 kidnappings. There was no warning and I couldn’t sense what was coming. It simply happened. All I could do was move on. Continue as usual, or else I’ll go crazy.”

Convincing evidence that the “time travelers” who changed history
Paula claimed to have been inside a UFO. At the same time, she also said that the aliens showed her extremely advanced technologies.

“They showed me a video of a pristine scene with a beautiful river, then it all went black.”

“The blue sky turned blood red and I quickly realized it was a movie about Earth being destroyed by human greed.”

Paula claims to have returned home with a triangular bruise on her face and fingerprints on her arm. “The first time I saw a UFO was in 1982, while in the woods,” she said.

“The road became narrower and I could hear my heart pounding.”

“I remember looking into the dark. I could see what looked like a boomerang with extended arms on it.”

“Each arm has a light at the end. I recall three of the lights, one blue, one green, but I can’t recall the color of the other light.

Paula confirms these bruises are handprints left by aliens

“It’s like an airplane propeller. It’s about 30 meters high and 30 meters wide. It’s black with green and blue lights on the edges. It rotates clockwise at 1 mph, completely. Total silence.”

Paula continued: “I remember trying to run but it felt like the ground was sinking into the ground, then everything went black.

“According to my family’s account, I was missing for 4 hours, but I have no memory of what really happened. Since then, the experiences never stopped. I was kidnapped from the window. my bedroom and bed.”

Paula added: “I didn’t tell anyone because I knew people would think I was crazy. But there are thousands, if not millions, of people like me out there who have had similar experiences.”

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