In the latest Cosmic Disclosure interview, former US Air Force assistant surgeon Emery Smith revealed shocking information: During the period from 1992 to 1995, he often worked with with aliens on a secret project at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico.

Humans have long cooperated with aliens (Artwork via Pinterest)

In the interview, Smith mentions the various groups of aliens assisting in the autopsy of extraterrestrial beings:

“Some scientists and doctors are actually “of extraterrestrial origin”. They are aliens who volunteered to help us after our arrest or volunteered through the zoning program, because sometimes they really feel guilty, even after our arrest, beat them up and do many terrible things to them.

They really changed their mind and were willing to help us, teach us many things about their physiological phenotype, their race…

I actually assisted an alien, helping them complete a mission: Using devices to collect frequencies, or collect tissue samples, or perform special tests on the body… They can scan the whole body and 3D print it then…”

Smith asserts that the aliens are benevolent people, although they can use the advanced psychic abilities they possess as weapons against humans:

“I can confirm they are benevolent people. I can confirm they have a very humane way of thinking. They are much smarter than us.

They can really attack or hurt us at any time with telekinesis (a special mental ability that helps a person influence things without physical interaction) and telepathy their feelings, but they don’t…”

Smith claims that Earth scientists feel a warm, friendly atmosphere when working with aliens:

When we come into contact with one of these aliens, including the Ants and the Mantis, we will feel extremely comfortable in their energy fields.

And many people have actually been miraculously healed while staying, working on this flying ship, or working in the vicinity of aliens.

Former US military officer Emery Smith. (Image via Imdb)

Host: “How is that possible?”

Emery: “I don’t know how it works either. I think it’s the electromagnetism of some frequency that causes their bodies to make a very, very loud vibration… These vibrations affect our vibrations, make our cells work at the right places. a specific voltage, allowing them to heal themselves….

We don’t need to do much, because most of this energy is telepathic and telekinesis energy, so we will feel really happy, happy.

It’s like the kind of chill you get when you walk into a dark room at night because it feels like a ghost, but it’s the opposite feeling, this feeling will wake us up. It really puts us in a good mood, and our bodies take on this.”

Collaborating with Aliens Smith’s autopsy
also covered an incident involving a group of aliens he called the ants. These ants assisted him in the autopsies of several of their comrades killed in an industrial accident.

Emery: “It was a big project. At the project, they [the aliens] witnessed many Ants being killed with some kind of chemical. And I remember that many of them were brought into the base by trucks.”

Host: “Do you know where these casualties happened?”

Emery: “No, I don’t know. But I believe it happened somewhere in North America.”

Host: “Is it at an underground base?”

Emery: “Yes, I think they were somehow discovered and somehow taken out in the New Mexico, Colorado area….

I don’t know the specifics, but they carry multiple instances. And all of these individuals died of suffocation, their lungs were completely burned, the mucous membranes and eyeballs of a few people were completely burned….

So these Ant scientists helped, trying to figure out what happened to these subjects.”

Host: “So are the Ants alive in the lab the same species as the dead?”

Emery: “Yes, they are of the same kind. And that was the first time I felt grief standing next to an alien.”

Alien autopsies. (Photo courtesy of Youtube)

Host: “Really? How does that feel?”

Emery: “It was both painful and unsettling. It… [Emery was deeply moved, he stopped, turned away and burst into tears.] I’m sorry…”

Smith also talks about his tissue extraction process, and his study of an alien spacecraft located near the bodies of their departed comrades:

“I was assigned to what is called a ‘multi-level project’, which means I’m not just in there taking tissue samples, but taking different types of tissue, and studying their aircraft.

So these projects can be up to three groups of 15 scientists, doctors and technicians, studying a body, an aircraft…

These research bases stretch and wide underground, up to 16km in diameter. They put the examiners in one place and the airships in another. These areas are all very clean, I can describe them in detail.

Smith recalls working with insect-like aliens (individuals shaped like Ants and Mantises), human-looking aliens (Arcturians), and Simians. (ape-like individuals), Reptiles and even rock-like creatures:

“Some of the aliens actually look like a block of rock, like… one of those rock-based superheroes we see on TV and like in ‘Fantastic Four’. At first glance they appear to be as hard as rock, but in reality they are not. The feeling when touching them is like a sponge, like a sponge in real life, made of foam material.

They are usually yellow or orange. They have a very hard skull, the type of a Cro-Magnon, almost twice the size of ours, but like I said, they look a lot stiffer. They have worked on projects many times, in many different ways.”

Emery strengthens evidence for previous whistleblowers
Revelations from Emery Smith help confirm the whistleblower’s previous accounts, claiming they worked with aliens at secret bases. .

These people include Bill Uhouse – aerospace engineer. He claims to have worked with the alien Gray. The Grays assisted him in the design of a spaceship that was being studied at secret US Air Force bases.

Niara Isley, a former USAF radar tracking expert, claims to have seen Gray and Reptile aliens on a secret project.

Niara Isley – former USAF radar tracking specialist. (Photo via Metro)

Daniel Crain Burisch – microbiologist, also claims he worked with a Gray alien at a secret base to better understand the physiology and medical needs of this individual.

Thomas Castello, a former security guard, claims he worked with the Reptile aliens at the Dulce underground base. Here takes place biological experiments conducted on captured aliens in human form, and is the place to receive and return these objects.

Charles Hall, a former US Air Force weather officer, said he witnessed the alien Tall White help the US Air Force develop a nuclear-powered spacecraft to travel to other planets in time. short time.

Finally, Emery Smith’s revelations also help confirm Bill Tompkins’ claim that U.S. Navy spies observed Nazi scientists collaborating with Reptile aliens in developing German secret space programs in the 1940s.

Tompkins also claims that humanoid aliens infiltrated the Douglas Aircraft Company and other US corporations in the 1950s and 1960s, and secretly aided the US Navy in developing the program. Solar Warden secret space program.

In summary, Emery Smith’s evidence and documents are evidence that he served at Kirtland Air Force Base as an assistant surgeon from 1990 to 1995. Since then, he has continued to operate. active in the healthcare industry, obtained multiple patents and collaborated on innovative scientific research projects.

All of this supports his claims that he participated in autopsies on over 250 aliens, and collected a total of about 3,000 tissue samples during his clandestine operation. me.

Smith’s revelations confirm that scientists from many countries have been assisted by groups of aliens from different races in the study of alien physiology, advanced medical science and science. and reverse-engineered anti-gravity spacecraft for decades through secret projects.

His revelation shows the level of development of secret projects, although the government still claims to have not discovered alien life.

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