Many people believe that extraterrestrial beings that came to Earth thousands of years ago have far-reaching effects on human development and hide a more terrifying conspiracy.

The fact that extraterrestrials really do exist is a topic that is received by governments with different moods, some in favor and some unwillingly. However, over the past few years, numerous documents have been declassified showing how much the military and government are interested in UFOs and that extraterrestrial visits do exist.

The aliens come to Earth not only to visit, they hold a conspiracy (Image: Wattpad)

The story of modern UFOs is said to begin after the event that occurred in early July 1947, the US military unit stationed in Roswell, New Mexico received a report from a farmer about the discovery of many Many pieces of debris had the strange physical properties of an unidentified flying object in a field near a cattle ranch after a night of terrible thunderstorms.

Despite the US government’s efforts to reassure that it was just a weather balloon, suspicions about an alien flying saucer falling on Roswell still smolder in public opinion, especially when the government always denied all attempts to access relevant documents and the admission of several witnesses who witnessed the events recorded in the will before his death many years later.

A flying saucer is said to have crashed into the town of Roswell, New Mexico, USA in 1947 (Photo: Futurism)

This invisibility leads many people to believe that the UFO crash is real and American scientists have relied on the study of debris to “copy” and come up with new breakthrough inventions – including: fiber optic cables, electronic circuits, lasers and transistors.

Along with the development of photographic and video recording equipment, the records of the appearance of UFOs are increasing day by day. The frequency of sightings of foreign objects is reported by even civilian pilots to be “very frequent” especially in areas where hostilities or natural disasters are occurring.

Many argue that what is captured is just due to lighting or weather effects, but more and more videos are being released from modern government monitoring systems or cameras mounted on State-of-the-art fighter aircraft.

Video of a mysterious flying object from the US Navy’s FA-18 fighter shows that UFOs are not only seen by ordinary people with low-end cameras (Source: Youtube)

The proliferation of evidence has led ufologists to believe that UFOs are real, and that they come from distant planets beyond Earth.

An expert on UFOs, Greer believes that aliens do indeed exist and that they have been coming to Earth since ancient times based on evidence such as sculptures, drawings and records from civilizations such as ancient times. Egypt and Mesopotamia.

The engraving depicts objects resembling spaceships (Image: Ancient-code)

Greer also believes that although we have strong evidence to support the notion that aliens have visited our planet, these have been kept secret by major powers for decades. to protect the economic and geopolitical status quo.

The question now is what purpose did they come to Earth for?

According to Greer, these guests do not simply come to Earth for sightseeing, but certainly hold a secret purpose.

The aliens come to Earth not only to visit, they hold a conspiracy (Image: Wattpad)

Are aliens coming to help the development of human civilization? But the question is if they come with good intentions, then why hide. Aren’t people with malicious intentions new or sneaky?

One of the most convincing theories of a Chinese philosopher on this question is that aliens want to possess human bodies. With an outstanding level of science and technology, they are more than capable of exploiting resources on celestial bodies and planets in the universe instead of a too small Earth. The only thing of value to them on earth is the human body. The human body is one of the most delicate and complex structures in the universe and aliens with less beautiful bodies crave it.

Aliens are amazed at the subtlety of the human body (Image: Eccentric)

To achieve this “great” ambition, aliens from very early on came to Earth to purposefully interfere in the development of civilization. Especially starting from the end of the 18th century, they indirectly influenced and empowered people to create an explosion of industrial revolutions that changed everything rapidly.

On the surface, that development helps to increase labor productivity, more wealth, more convenient life, but the environment is severely damaged, people are also increasingly losing their normal lives, they are too dependent on them. They spend a lot of time on machines, they are glued to electronic devices, are lazy to work, have little communication, and their thinking is also slow to degenerate. The Internet, in addition to the benefits, also makes people more and more easily exposed to all kinds of chaos, serious moral degradation, people no longer have standard behavior but increasingly regressive, inhumane, herd. .

Human cloning is one of the important steps for alien creatures’ goal of taking over the human body (Image:

In particular, in the late 20th century, they put genetic engineering and cloning “pumped” into the heads of scientists. If this grows and replicates, it will be time for them to achieve their goals. Humanity will soon perish.

Many people consider this to be a fictional hypothesis, but any situation is possible and no one can deny its logic. People are often limited to a narrow frame of perception and certainly openness, daring to accept new things, knowledge completely different from dogmatic concepts… can help people expand. worldview and achieve higher values.

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