An Australian woman has revealed she has met aliens every month and upgraded her DNA to ‘half-alien’, Sound of Hope reports.

This 64-year-old woman from Brisbane, Australia, named Judy Carroll, although she doesn’t always recall coming into contact with a group of aliens, for her, this kind of encounter is now over. become a natural habit.

According to Ms. Carroll, she has been communicating with these aliens since she was a child. But she met aliens for the first time, when she was 30 years old. She said that while lying down, her body suddenly became paralyzed and could not move anymore, when three identical aliens appeared beside her. According to her description, these aliens were thin, hairless and had teardrop-shaped eyes.

They told her that she needed to learn meditation to stay in touch with them. To this day, she often encounters aliens on an island-like UFO in Greece. This spaceship is pure white with beautiful domes without any sharp corners. “Although I don’t always remember being taken to sleep, I remember a lot of memories while awake,” she revealed. For many years, she did not tell anyone about these strange experiences. But when she told her husband that she had seen aliens during her meditation, both her husband and brother expressed their understanding.

Ms. Carroll also wrote a book about her experience with extraterrestrial contact. In the book, she claims that she and her alien teacher developed an intimate relationship “between spirits” and that the teacher cured all of her past illnesses. grandma. Mrs Carroll also believes she voluntarily became ‘half-alien’ before being born, and then upgraded her DNA through this group of aliens.

Over the past 100 years, stories of alien contact and abduction are not uncommon, some people who have had direct contact with aliens say, between themselves and the aliens. Interesting telepathy happened. But some others abducted by aliens say that the aliens forced them to undergo scientific experiments or surgery, but these aliens are not friendly. Although their experiences may be strange and different, their only thing in common is their belief in their experiences with aliens.

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