TPO – A UFO hunter (unidentified flying object) has just claimed to have discovered an alien base off the coast of Antarctica thanks to… Google Earth, leading to claims that aliens are here on Earth. Earth.

A UFO hunter has just claimed to have discovered an alien base off the coast of Antarctica thanks to… Google Earth.

According to Express, a UFO hunter believes he has found loads of evidence that extraterrestrial beings are living on our planet.

Accordingly, thanks to Google Earth, this person claims to have discovered a mysterious anomaly with a series of straight lines connecting at right angles to each other 180 km from the coast of Antarctica. The discovery was posted to the UFO channel Behind the Scenes on YouTube.

The strange structure was discovered on Google Earth at coordinates: 63°59’56.79″S 118°43’44.48″E. The huge structure depicted on the Behind the Scenes channel is underwater, 180 kilometers off the coast of Antarctica, with huge walls.

The image is believed to be a giant underwater structure 180 km off the coast of Antarctica

“Suppose, this huge structure is the remains of an ancient settlement or base now submerged under water, who built it thousands of years ago?”, Behind the Scenes ask questions.

Famous alien hunter Scott Waring quickly watched the video and thought it was evidence of an alien base.

Waring claims he has analyzed the structure and believes it is enough to hold a base and a hangar for a spaceship.

The coordinates of the structure believed to be the alien base.

Waring also added that he believes aliens are still residing here and that an expedition in the area will expose that fact.

However, some have offered a more scientific explanation for what is believed to be an “alien base” in Antarctica.

According to them, it is possible that the mysterious structure that the UFO hunter claims to have discovered is actually just an incident displayed on Google Earth.

“It’s just an illusion because the dataset doesn’t match,” one person commented.

Astronomer Chris Impey of the University of Arizona also shared that there are billions of objects in near-Earth space that are “mistaken” as UFOs, alien spacecraft. More than half of these could be meteorites, comets, or fireballs…

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