In recent years, UFO sightings have appeared a lot in many parts of the world. In this article will learn about the world famous abduction by aliens: The UFO incident in Pascagoula. The two anglers are kidnapped by the people of Star Celestial Wolf, who later tell them what the purpose of doing so is.

Hickson and Parker recounted their story to the police and the media (Screenshot:

On the evening of October 11, 1973, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were fishing on a pier on the west bank of the Pascagoula River. That day, they experienced something amazing.

The two of them saw an oval object, about 9-12 meters long, about 2.5-3 meters high, with two giant blue lights above it. This strange object swam back and forth across the water, only about 1 meter away from them.

Moments later, the door of this strange object opened, and three strange creatures approached the two of them. These three strange creatures are about 1.5 meters tall, gray skin, wrinkled, no neck, head connected directly to the shoulder, very small ears, narrow eyes forming a small opening, below the pointed nose or a small slot like a coin slot of a vending machine, finger parts like crab claws, no toes, very rough calves, looking like elephant legs.

In it, a strange creature approached Parker, Parker was so scared that he fainted, and Hickson was lifted up by the other two strange creatures and brought into the flying object.

Image of aliens and victims (Image: Jonny Dillon/

Hickson lay on an invisible bed, it was like floating in the air. Hickson could not move all over his body, except for his eyes. A mechanical eye the size of a ball popped out from the wall, scanning his entire body. At this point, Hickson was aware that he was being abducted by aliens.

Not long after, Hickson was brought back to his place, where he found Parker fainted still lying on the ground. The flying object then flew straight up into the air. The whole thing happened in about 20 minutes.

After that, Parker woke up, for what just happened in their hearts they were still very scared. After that, they contacted Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi, who asked them to go to the local police headquarters.

When they arrived at police headquarters in Mississippi’s Jackson County, Officer Fred Diamond and Sheriff Glen Ryder met them. Diamond had a lot of doubts about this alien abduction incident, but seeing the fear and anxiety from Hickson and Parker’s spirits, so decided to clear this up.

After Hickson and Parker finished talking privately with the police, they were again arranged to stay in the same room, in the room with a wiretapping device, the conversation between the two of them was recorded.

Calvin Parker’s testimony (Image:

After the two of them returned home, Diamond received a phone call, saying that the reporter wanted to know more information related to this incident. So the story of the two of them being abducted by aliens quickly spread around the world. Their hometown of Pascagoula, Mississippi has also become a gathering place for astronomers, reporters, UFO fans and researchers.

After that, Hickson and Parker went to find a specialist doctor to help them do a full body check once, fortunately, no harmful radiation was detected on the body. The director of the Military Intelligence Department also asked to meet the two of them, an Air Force artist drawing on Hickson’s memory a sketch of the aliens.

This alien abduction case also attracted the attention of the “Aeronautical Phenomena Research Organization” (APRO), which sent University of California engineering professor Jamer A. Harder to conduct. investigate this incident. This professor invited the famous Dr. J. Allen Hynek of the US Air Force to come with him to study. Harder proceeded to hypnotize Hickson, but Hickson was so frightened that he was forced to stop halfway. After that, Hickson and Parker passed the lie detector test, the researcher assumed that what they said was the truth.

In the “Law of One” (RA document) recorded dialogue with aliens also mentioned the incident in Pascagoula. According to this document, the creature in contact with Hickson and Parker came from Sirius, they were very peaceful, almost existing in a state of emptiness. They have a plant-like appearance because they evolved from similar plants. These creatures retain Hickson’s life experience, for the sake of learning.

Hickson wrote a book about the story of being abducted by aliens (Image:

Later, Hickson published the book “Flying Saucer, the Pascagoula Incident”, and also directed a documentary called “Exposure”. As for Parker, because the pressure was too great, he often went in and out of the hospital. He said that the aliens also used telepathic-like methods to convey some religious information to him, and said that the content recounted in the “Bible” was true, and that the Aliens do this to protect the species on Earth, to avoid humans because of the war that leads to the destruction of the Earth.

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